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Commercial Sites

Kaplan Review site
This site provides test preparation materials, classes, and information; also see the other Kaplan site:
USMLE, Medical Subject & Certification Review
(by Exam Master®) Purchase study and self-testing medical education software.
Purchase medical review books. Site also provides a discussion forum about Steps I, II, & III.
Integrated Medical Curriculum Homepage
Purchase multimedia review tutorials in the medical basic sciences.
Northwestern Medical Review
Offers various length live lecture courses and testing materials.
The Princeton Review/ The USMLE
Purchase classroom courses, online courses, and review materials.
USMLE Board Preparation for Step1 and Step 2
Purchase learning materials in audio tape and CD format.
Boards Prep Interactive-interactive Preparation for USMLE Step 1 Software
Purchase "high-yield knowledge" in a question & explanation format. (Downloadable demo)
UMKC Institute for Professional Preparation:
This site offers courses for individuals who had an unsatisfactory Step exam score or who "need a longer time for preparation."
USMLE Secrets
Purchase downloadable ebook study guide.