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USMLE Board Readiness

Nephritic/Nephrotic Chart
A comprehensive chart that includes a listing of nephritic and nephrotic diseases and their associated clinical presentation, age group prevalence. light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, and treatment.
Official Sites
These links go directly to official sites for testing registration and information about the USMLE exam and the Clinical Skills exam.
Free Test-prep Materials
These are links to sites that contain helpful information when studying for the USMLE exam. Links may provide helpful charts (microorganisms/ genetics diseases), medical lecture material from other Universities & Colleges, clinical cases, medical atlases (histology/ pathology), and study skills material.
Free Review Questions
These are links to sites that contain review questions, USMLE-type questions, and clinical case questions to assist in reviewing for the USMLE. Some sites even allow creation of exams.
Medical PDA Sites
These are links to sites that contain USMLE preparation material for PDAs. Some review questions and material are free to download, and others are for purchases.
Commercial Sites
These are links to sites (Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc.) that offer classroom courses, online courses, and board review materials for purchase.