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ESP Histology Question Bank

General Information

At present there are very few item banks with questions in typical MCQ format.  Even fewer are in Step 1 format. This is because this topic is usually contained within other topics, pathology being the most likely.  The questions that are available on the internet are quite useful, however, since they are largely in the lab practical format.

The nature of the lab practical questions makes it more cumbersome for use in PowerPoint due to the need to carry over detailed photographs.  For this reason, links are listed below that can be accessed freely and can be used directly for this portion of the curriculum.

Histology Links

LUMEN Histology

UVA Histology quiz

UT Houston Histology Lab Quiz

Histology World

Blue Histology (Univ. Western Australia)

University of Michigan (requires scrolling down past instructional module to practice test)


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