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lock 1: Self-Study Activities

Unit Directions for Concept Mapping Video

1. Download the Concept Mapping Unit Study Guide, available as a document file for your convenience in taking notes. 

2. Download the Concept Mapping Notes printout from the slides.  This slide-by-slide collection of main points will help you locate something later without having to scan through the video.

3. Complete the study guide as you view the video,”Concept Mapping as a Tool For Time Management and Long Term Memory”

  • The study guide is designed to focus your attention on the material presented in the video so that you know what to listen “for.” 
  • During the audience participation segments simply continue playing the video and participate on your own.
  •  (The introductory text ends at 1:00)

Video Recording – Pelley – Concept Mapping (Windows Media Player)

Video Recording – Pelley – Concept Mapping (iPad Version)

Video Recording – Pelley – Concept Mapping (Mobile Version)

Completion deadline:  Prior to the start of classes or residency program.  If your institution or program has recommended the Expert Skills Program then please remember to notify the appropriate individual that you are participating.  It is natural that your institution or program director wants this experience to be valuable to you and you can help with that by letting them know.