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TTUHSC ESP Block 1: Self-Study Activities

Unit Directions for The Neurobiology of Learning Video

Summary:  Concepts from brain-based learning principles are integrated with learning style concepts from the SuccessTypes book to give a more complete picture of the learning skills needed to become an expert in medical practice.  New concepts including the Growth Mindset and Deliberate Practice are introduced to differentiate between those who are adequate and those who are excellent.


1.  Download the Neurobiology of Learning Study Guide for the new version.

2.  Download the Neurobiology of Learning Notes printout from the slides.  This slide-by-slide collection of main points will help you locate something later without having to scan through the video.

3.  Complete the study guide while viewing the "Neurobiology of Learning" video.  (The introductory text ends at 1:00)

  • The study guide is designed to focus your attention on the material presented in the video so that you know what to listen “for.”  
  • During the audience participation segments simply continue playing the video and participate on your own.
Completion deadline:  Prior to orientation week workshops.  Please remember to notify the Office of Admissions by reply email when you have completed this step.