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TTUHSC ESP Block 1: Self-Study Activities

Unit Directions for SuccessTypes In Medical Education Book

Summary:  An introduction to the significance of learning style and its influence on how learning time is used.  Insights are provided to address myths, biases, and stereotypes.  Examples and exercises illustrate the two most time efficient learning tools in medical education: concept mapping and question analysis.

1. Download the book, SuccessTypes in Medical Education

Originally published in print form as “SuccessTypes for Medical Students: A Program for Improving Academic Performance,”  this book is no longer in print but is now available to you free online in the updated electronic version, “SuccessTypes in Medical Education, Version 1.1.” 

2. Download and complete the ESP SuccessTypes Book Study Guide at your own pace.

  • The study guide is designed to focus your reading on the important points.  It gives you something to look “for.”
  • It is provided as a “doc” file, instead of “pdf,” for your convenience in keyboard recording of answer responses.
  • It will help you focus on the important points to learn and will help you to use Deliberate Practice with your learning style.

3. Associated links for use in completing the study guide:

Completion deadline:  Prior to orientation week workshops.  Please remember to notify the Office of Admissions by reply email when you have completed this step.