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Residency Program - Views from the Inside

"I feel we have a good deal of time for family and hanging out with friends." -D.Owens PGY-3

"I remember the time I retrieved the strange rectal foreign body at 2 am my intern year." -D.Owens PGY-3

"The strong support among residents is even better than I expected." -J.Fitzwater PGY-2

"My best memory so far has been the night my midlevel resident covered me on call so I could go to a dinner for the interns." -J. Fitzwater PGY-2

"I was the intern and we performed an ER thoracotomy. I did internal compressions in the ER and on the way to the OR with the patient." -C.Brown PGY-3

"The Texas Tech University surgical residency program combines hands on learning approach with a very high case volume in an excellent academic learning facility." -R.Ford PGY-3

"I remember the time I had to take care of an entire family of four involved in the same MVA. It was quite a challenge." -R.Ford PGY-3

"The quality and character of my fellow residents as well as the ability to perform procedures and put a scalpel to skin so early on in my career." -J.Bratvold PGY-1

"I really remember working up a level 1 trauma from the ER through the SICU, performing all the care, and interventions with my upper levels (i.e. Chest tubes, arterial line, central line and sutures)." -J.Bratvold PGY-1

"I really enjoy working daily with my fellow residents. We all really get along and truly like each other." -R.Wirges PGY-5

"My most memorable call night was a 41 car pile up secondary to a legendary west Texas dust storm. The hospital activated an external disaster page and we had multiple severe traumas." -R.Wirges PGY-5

"I like the fact that I can spend time with my family and friends." -R.Wirges PGY-5

"I like the fact that there is strong camaraderie amount the residents and the team functions as a family." -P.Pinnamaneni PGY-2

"My lifestyle outside the hospital is active, thanks to the work hours and their enforcement, and activities that are always being planned by my fellow resident colleagues." -P.Pinnamaneni PGY-2

"Residents are given very early operative experience and have excellent operative skills by their senior years." -M.Couch PGY-4

"I am the biggest fan of the active fun life I can lead out of the hospital. The camaraderie between me and the rest of the residents is phenomenal." -M.Couch PGY-4

"I like the amount of autonomy and the amount of camaraderie in our program." -J.Rinard PGY-4

"My most memorable time on call was an ER thoracotomy from a GSW to the chest. The patient had attempted suicide, but we were not about to let him succeed." -J.Rinard PGY-4

"There is lots of practice here, with hands-on experience." -G.Dhillon PGY-2

"Outside of the hospital I like to drink, sleep, the usual stuff." -G.Dhillon PGY-2

"I like the knowledge and friendliness of the faculty members." -B.Williams PGY-1

"Getting to the OR so soon in my career. The people (residents, nurses, and faculty) that I have gotten to work with are a real plus." -D.Vega PGY-1

"I love the camaraderie. You can rely on every resident to help you." -J.Wishnew PGY-1

"I clamped someone's brachial artery in the ER on call the other day!" - J.Wishnew PGY-1