Chris Esperat

Professor and Associate Dean for Clinical Services and Community Engagement

Research Interests

Health Behaviors of Pregnant Minority Women and Childhood Sexual Abuse Among Minority Adolescent Mothers

Recent Presentations

  • Esperat, M.C. (2013, May). Community health workers as patient navigators in chronic disease self management. Presented at 25th Quadrennial Congress, International Council of Nurses. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2013, June). The effect of community health workers on chronic disease self management among medically underserved populations. Presented at Health Center and Public Housing National Symposium, Denver, CO.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2012, September). Community health workers in chronic disease self Management. Presented at International Congress of Behavioral Medicine, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2012, August). Role of the advanced practice nurse in a revitalized primary health care system. Presented at Annual BalikTalent, Silliman University College of Nursing, Dumaguete City, Philippines.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2012, April). Effects of chronic disease self management program. Presented at Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2012, April). Transformacion Para Salud: Patient navigator program. Presented at National Health Promotion Summit, Washington, DC.
  • Esperat, M.C. (2011, July). Advanced Methods in Research Design and Analyses. Presented at Silliman University College of Nursing, Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Recent Articles

  • Cong, Z., Feng, D., Liu, Y., & Esperat, C. R. (2012). Sedentary behaviors among Hispanic children: Influences of parental support in a school intervention program. American Journal of Health Promotion, 26(5), 270-280.
  • Esperat, M.C., Flores, D., McMurry, L., Feng, D., Song, H., Billings, L., & Masten, Y. (2012). Transformacion Para Salud: A patient navigation model for chronic disease self-management. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(2), 1. doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol17No02Man02
  • Esperat, M.C., Hanson-Turton, T., Richardson, M., Debisette, A., & Rupinta, C. (2012). Nurse-managed health centers: Safety-net care through advanced nursing practice. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 24(1), 24–31.
  • Feng, D., Reed, D., Esperat MC, & Uchida, M. (2011). Effects of TV in the Bedroom on Young Hispanic Children. American Journal of Health Promotion, 25(5), 310-318.
  • Green, A., Kishi, A., & Esperat, MC (2010). State policy and research initiatives focused on improving nursing workforce: An integrative literature review. Annual Review of Nursing Research, 28, 63-112.

Book Chapters

  • Gonzalez, E., & Esperat, M.C. (2011). The clinical scholar role in doctoral advanced nursing practice. In Dreher, M., and Glasgow, M.E (Eds.). Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice (pp. 199-206). New York, NY: Springer.
  • Esperat, C., Fiandt, K., McNeal, G., Heuer, L., & Denholm, E. (2010). Nursing innovations: the future of chronic disease management. The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. National Academy of Sciences, G17-G20.