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RN to BSN Undergraduate Program

RN to BSN Degree Plan

These courses will assist you in progressing your knowledge and skills for a new professional role and good preparation for graduate studies. They are not designed to repeat or validate basic nursing skills and knowledge, but instead to focus on furthering your nursing knowledge. Many issues will be addressed. Course expectations will include effective writing, critical reasoning, and multicultural perspectives.

Each course is 3 semester credit hours. The total degree plan is 30 semester credit hours.

Course Number Course Description
NURS 4373 Introduction to Evidence This course addresses pathways for engaging with appropriate evidence to advance the practice of nursing. Basic research concepts and evidence-based practice approaches will be used to prepare the students as consumers of evidence in order to ensure that practice is based on validated evidence. This course provides students with a foundation for evidence-based practice in synthesizing the professional role in nursing. The ability to function as competent consumers of evidence in nursing demands an understanding of what is evidence and basic research principles. This course describes various models of inquiry in nursing. Students will engage in discussions, reading, and evaluation of evidence and research reports to advance the practice of nursing.
NURS 4374 Nursing Management and Leadership This course builds on management and leadership concepts essential in professional nursing practice in the 21st century. Management and leadership theories, roles and functions serve as the foundation for course. Key concepts covered include managing quality using informatics tools and systems, patient safety, staffing, fiscal planning and decision making.
NURS 4375 Information Systems and Quality Management An introduction to information systems and quality processes required to monitor and improve healthcare outcomes related to cost, safety, care, coordination and quality management. Learning information system and quality management concepts will prepare the students to function as a nursing leader in a variety of healthcare settings. Content will cover strategies to improve communication and manage information using technology to support decision making to improve patient care and delivery systems. (Pre-requisite: Completion of NURS 4374).
NURS 4376 Population Focused Community Health This course emphasizes population-focused nursing and community-oriented approaches to understanding and addressing public health concerns. The focus is on the concepts of population health assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs to improve community health. (Pre-requisite: Completion of NURS 4373 or 4382, 4380, 4381).
NURS 4377 Risk Analysis and Implications for Practice This course introduces the student to systems analysis as it relates to patient safety and risk reduction. Content will cover the role of the inter-professional healthcare team in identifying potential factors which lead to adverse medication events. Resources at the organizational, federal, state, and private level are reviewed in developing strategies that ensure care for vulnerable populations. ( Pre-requisite: Completion of NURS 4374, or 4378, 4380, 4373 or 4382).
NURS 4380 Nature of Nursing Theory This course is an introduction to the nature of nursing theory. Origins of and strategies for theory development in nursing are examined in terms of importance in guiding the profession as a practice discipline. Nursing theory is analyzed as a foundation for nursing practice aid research.
NURS 4381 Issues and Trends in Nursing Content focuses on current issues and trends in nursing relevant to the professional role on a local, state, national and international level.
NURS XXXX Nursing Elective
NURS 4383 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare This course surveys major legal and ethical issues in the inter-professional delivery of healthcare. The study focuses on basic principles and language of law and ethics, and develops an understanding of value formation and its influence on ethical theories. The role of state nursing boards in regulating practice is reviewed along with landmark court cases affecting the role and duties of the nurse.
NURS 4390 Baccalaureate Nursing Practice A capstone course which requires students to integrate principles of patient centered care, interdisciplinary teams, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, informatics, and patient safety through discussion, personal reflection, and development of a professional portfolio. (Pre-requisite: Completion of NURS 4374 or 4378, 4375 or 4379, 4380,4381,4373 or 4382, 4383, 4377 or 4389: Co-requisite: 4376 or 4387).
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