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Faculty and Staff Shared Governance

Welcome to the TTUHSC School of Nursing Faculty and Staff Shared Governance Website

This website will be the location of any information, upcoming events, listings of current officers, voting pages, and more.

TTUHSC School of Nursing will shape healthcare of the future by advancing the profession, improving the health of others, and inspiring exceptional care.

The mission of the TTUHSC School of Nursing is to educate students for practice in evolving healthcare systems and to advance knowledge and practice through research, service, and community engagement.

Core Values
As a TTUHSC School of Nursing team member, I commit to:

  • Seek transparency through open communication, respect, and clarity;
  • Advance a work ethic of excellence, accountability, and integrity; and
  • Promote a spirit of teamwork, trust, and compassion


A new Mentoring policy is currently up for review.
Please view all five documents:
Proposal Draft
Partnership Agreement
Interest Inventory

Questions, please contact:
Dr. Pat Allen:
Dr. Judy Bezanson:

The review will be available August 28, 2015 – September 9, 2015


The revised
Faculty Development Awards policy
is up for review

View current Faculty Development Awards policy.

Please send comments to:
Elaine Hillin:
Dr. Donna Owen:
Dr. Kathy Sridaromont:

The review will be available August 31, 2015 – September 9, 2015

TTUHSC School of Nursing Strategic Plan Goals:

  • Goal I: (Students) Foster the development of competent nursing professionals through academic programs that address critical needs of the profession.
  • Goal II: (Faculty and Staff) Foster a rich and supportive environment for team who are committed to the successful achievement of its mission.
  • Goal III: (Research and Scholarship) Advance knowledge, practice and pedagogy through innovative research and scholarship.
  • Goal IV: (Outreach/Engagement) Promote improved community health through the provision of patient care services and healthcare education.
  • Goal V: (Operations) Maintain effective and efficient operation in the accomplishment of its mission.