Student Success Program

Welcome to nursing school! We are so proud and happy to have you here. You are on your way to fulfill your dream of being a Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse! We are here to help make that dream a reality. Here are a few basic suggestions which will help ensure that you succeed in nursing school. For further help, see our tip sheets under Resources.

The Sweet Ps of Nursing

PLAN ahead

You must have a planner! Multiple assignments, projects, exams, etc. are often due on the same day. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. Writing it down will help. Everything important should be in your planner, including study time and yes, even play time!

See Time Management Tips under Resources →

PREPARE on a daily basis

Procrastination will almost guarantee a poor grade.

3 hours of study, per week, per credit hour is recommended. Remember, there is also class and clinical time to be figured in. Nursing school is more than equivalent to a FULL TIME JOB.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

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Be PROACTIVE about your education

You have many resources to help you learn to be successful - USE THEM! Contact your Retention Counselor! Find your counselor's contact information on the Success Home Page.

Be PREPARED for your thinking to change

One of the most crucial characteristics of an excellent nurse is the ability to think critically and reason globally. You are entering a world where many answers are right but one is best for a particular situation!

See Critical Thinking and Test-taking Tips under Resources →

PROTECT your health

The stress of nursing school can wear down your immune system. Good nutrition, proper hydration and enough sleep (more than 4 hours per night!) are more important than ever!

See Coping with Nursing School under Resources →


Your busy schedule can be overwhelming, especially at first. Friends and family may not understand how much time you must devote to your studies. Planning for friends and family time will help you know how much time you have and when you must say "no". Play is enormously important to keeping your sanity as you cope with the demands of nursing school!

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