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Welcome to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing. With the increasing shortage of well-trained nurses in Texas and across the country, our school is committed to creating possibilities that prepare nursing students to meet the challenges of today's complex health care field. We offer many options in nursing education.

The Traditional BSN program offers unique opportunities for students who are not registered nurses to receive the latest state of-the-art nursing education. Combined with the expertise of nationally recognized faculty and the opportunity to work with other healthy care professionals, students receive an education that prepares them to be nursing leaders.

The Second Degree BSN program offers a bachelor's degree in nursing to those who have a bachelor's degree in any field and meet certain admissions requirements. This 12-month accelerated, alternate-entry BSN program uses new technologies in clinical competence assessment and web-based curriculum.

The Veteran to BSN (VBSN) program offers a bachelor's degree in nursing to those who have prior military medical training and experience and meet additional admissions requirements. This 12-month accelerated program has web-based classes with clinical instruction guided by nursing clinical faculty.

The RN to BSN web-based program is customized for a registered nurse to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing in two semesters. Students fulfill all didactic requirements online and clinical hours are completed within your community. This program is for the busy RN who wants to advance in the nursing profession. BSN-prepared nurses are sought after for roles in administration and nursing management.

Various Graduate Programs are available to BSN-prepared nurses who want to pursue a master's degree or post-master's certificate. The Doctorate of Nursing Practice offers master's-prepared nurses and nurse practitioners pathways for higher education.

Program Coordinators are available to answer any questions you may have about our programs