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Profile for Craig Cox, Critical Care Specialty Residency, PHMD

Craig Cox

Craig Cox, Critical Care Specialty Residency, PHMD

  • Vice Chair of Experiential Programs
  • Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Office Phone: 806-743-4200 ext 267
Mail Address: 3601 4th St Stop 8162
Lubbock TX 79430-8162


I am currently an associate professor within the pharmacy practice department at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Pharmacy at the Lubbock campus. My practice site is on the adult medicine floor at the University Medical center where I provide rotation experiences for both 3rd and 4th year pharmacy students. I also serve as the Vice Chair of Experiential Programs, overseeing all experiential rotation activities offered at each of our four campuses. I received my Pharm.D. degree from Washington State University and later completed a Critical Care specialty residency with TTUHSC School of Pharmacy in Amarillo. My current research interests involve the assessment of teaching and learning methods as they relate to experiential education.

Selected Publications:

  • Abo-Salem E, Fowler JC, Attari M, Cox CD, Perez-Verdia A, Panikkath R, Nugent K. Antibiotic induced cardiac arrhythmias. Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2014;32:19 - 25.
  • Cox CD, Peeters MJ, Seifert CF. Pilot of peer assessment within experiential teaching and learning. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning 2013;5(4):311 - 320.
  • Peeters MJ, Cox CD. A pilot in peer observation of clinical teaching. Professional and Organizational Development Conference Proceedings 2012.
  • Robles J, Cox CD, Seifert CF. Evaluation of Preceptor and Student Learning Styles and Their Impact on Experiential Performance Measures.. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2012;76(7):Article 128.
  • Cox CD. Sharing Ideas in Experiential Education. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2012;76(3):Article 45: (2 pages).