TTUHSC School of Pharmacy


Student Course Evaluations

Online Course Evaluations (OCE) has been selected to host course evaluation surveys and to provide reports based on survey results for TTUHSC School of Pharmacy.

OCE will provide the school quality course evaluations to evaluate faculty and classes. The evaluation form is customized for the school, and it is possible to have a different evaluation form for every single class.

Within 24 hours of the close of the evaluation period, faculty and staff have access to over 200 online reports. This allows effective use of time, improves classes and faculty, and makes faculty comfortable with the transition to an online format. Importantly, the evaluation service is customized to meet the school's specific needs. This includes interfacing with the school's other systems with single sign on, and allowing students to see the results.

Chief benefits provided by OCE are:

  • OCE delivers high response rate tips through e-mail messages and provides well-grounded research on what motivates students to respond to surveys.
  • Having the results available within 24 hours. This will allow instructors to prepare for next semester's classes while their last semester's courses are fresh in their minds.
  • OCE's cutting-edge follow up technology, which gives instructors immediate and concrete steps to improve their performance and the effectiveness of their class.
  • Fewer questions with more data; shaves the number of evaluation items an average of 30%, providing less survey fatigue, and a higher response rate.

Patrick J. King, Ph. D.
CTLT Director

Instructions for Faculty & Students


[temporary] Stevie Rozzell
806-356-4000 x225