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Thank you for visiting the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy Continuing Education Division. We hope to provide you with information regarding upcoming live continuing pharmacy education programs as well as a collection of home study course options. Please use the navigation links on the left to learn more about our programs.

The Mission of the Division of Continuing Education is to identify the educational needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians nationwide and then to produce quality knowledge, application and practice-based programs that will enhance their daily practice and enrich their patients’ lives.

The goals of the Continuing Education Division are:

  • To provide affordable and practical pharmacy education on a wide range of topics including: Medication Management, Pharmacy Law, Certification, General Pharmacy, Patient Safety and Precepting that are specifically geared towards pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians and that will satisfy that individual’s personal and professional goals and the requirements established by their respective state boards;
  • Offer the highest eminence continuing pharmacy education programs possible by recruiting adept and distinctive faculty; developing targeted objectives suitable for the audience type; and unbiased, medically based content;
  • Utilize surveys to measure the outcomes of programs including the prior knowledge of the pharmacists and technicians on the given subject matter; quality of faculty; educational setting; program content; and the effect on the attendees’ practice following the program;
  • Employ advanced technology as a teaching method to connect locations across Texas for simultaneous live learning as well as computer based programming with a national reach;
  • Continually seek new ways to reach a larger audience base and expand our division through individual programs, symposiums and/or co-sponsored events.



Notice:You must submit your NABP eProfile ID and DOB (MMDD) to receive credit for any continuing education programs taken through the TTUHSC SOP Continuing Education office. For more information and to register for your eProfile ID, please visit the NABP eMonitor site.

ACPE LogoTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy is an accredited provider of Continuing Education by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.