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Financial Aid Information

All programs require that you be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident. Some require Texas residency. You must be enrolled at least half-time (6 hrs.) and show calculated financial need. To have your calculated need determined, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The income and assets you report are analyzed using a federal formula called federal Methodology and reported back to the financial aid office.


(These funds do not require repayment.)

State Programs.

Texas Public Education grant (TPEG) - Based on financial need. Funds are available to graduate students. This program is funded by a tuition set-aside, with a limited amount available to non-Texas residents.

Hazelwood Act - For Texas veterans, who have exhausted their eligibility for federal benefits (including VA). This Act will waive tuition charges only. See HSC VA counselor for further details.


(Funds received from any of these programs require repayment by the student.)

Federal Stafford student Loan. Based on financial need. A separate Federal Stafford Loan Application/Promissory Note form must be completed. Loan amounts are determined by calculated need or the following ceilings, whichever is smaller:

Graduate/Professional Students - $8,500/year. Graduate's aggregate total may not exceed $65,000 including undergraduate loans.

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans - Not based on financial need. You must indicate Unsubsidized on the Stafford Application.

Federal Perkins Loan Program - Based on financial need. Funded by the Department of Education. The average loan is $1,000 to $2,500. No separate application required. Perkins' funds are very limited, making only a few loans available.

Health Education Loan Program (HELP) Based on financial need. Part of the Hinson-Hazlewood Program. Separate application is required. This loan will not consolidate. You must be a resident of Texas or eligible to pay resident tuition rates. You must be enrolled on a full-time basis.

STEP BY STEP: A Guide to applying for Financial Aid

Office of Student Financial Aid
3601 4th Street 313 - 3 10
Lubbock, TX 79430

TTUHSC Financial Aid Application Instructions and Information


The following steps must be satisfactorily completed and the data submitted to the Financial Aid Office before the student can be considered for any financial assistance:


To be eligible to receive financial aid, you must be admitted and matriculated in a degree - granting program. Students admitted as "special" or "provisional" are not eligible to receive financial aid until they are admitted as a regular student.

Also, undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least six hours to be eligible for financial aid. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least five hours to be eligible for financial aid.

The TTUHSC Financial Aid Office reserves the right to request any additional information required by regulation to validate your financial status.

STEP 1 - Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  1. Go to: WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV (Follow the instructions as directed.)
  2. OR

  3. Complete the Renewal FAFSA (students who applied for financial aid in 1999 - 2000 should receive a PIN # in the mail. This PIN # is to be used to access your renewal application on the web.
  4. OR

  5. Complete the paper FAFSA available at the Financial Aid Office or your High School Counselor.

NOTE:  We are Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. We are NOT Texas Tech University. Our school code is: 016024.

STEP 2 - Complete the Institutional Application for Financial Aid

  1. Go to: WWW.TTUHSC.EDU/FinancialAid Follow the instructions as directed.

STEP 3 - Verification

If the Department of Education selects you for verification, you will be notified on page one of your SAR.

The financial aid office must verify certain information reported on the FAFSA. Inconsistencies or errors must be reported to the Federal Processor for correction, who will then re - determine your eligibility and send you a new SAR.

You must submit a SIGNED copy of your (student and spouse, if any) 1999 income tax return(s). If you are a dependent student, you must submit a SIGNED copy of your parents' tax return as well. You must also submit a completed and signed Verification Worksheet and signed Student Aid Report (SAR). The Verification Worksheet should contain parents information and signatures if you are classified a dependent student; i.e., you were required to report parents income and assets on the FAFSA. The Verification Worksheet is available from the financial aid office or on our web site.

STEP 4 - Financial aid transcripts

Financial aid transcripts are required only for students entering TTUHSC in JANUARY 2001. These are required from all schools attended beyond high school regardless if you received financial aid or not.


STEP 5 - Calculation and Notification of Award

When a student's file is complete, eligibility is calculated according to program guidelines using the information supplied by the Federal Processor, the ISIR.

Funds, such as grants and scholarships, are awarded to eligible applicants until they are exhausted. We will make every effort to meet each student's need using whatever funds are available, such as loans.

STEP 6 - Stafford Loans - Subsidized and Unsubsidized

If you have been awarded a Stafford Student Loan and you would like to accept these funds:

  1. Wait until you have received your Award Letter from the TTUHSC Financial Aid Office.
  2. Go to the WWW address given on your Award Letter. You must complete the required information.
  3. Provide the reference information and data.
  4. Provide the name of your lender.
  5. Provide the amount of Subsidized loan you wish to receive (not to exceed your eligibility - refer to award letter).
  6. Provide the amount of Unsubsidized loan you wish to receive (not to exceed your eligibility - refer to award letter).
  7. Print your Promissory Note.
  8. Take or Mail your Promissory Note to your lender.


In addition to the Stafford loan program, there are several alternative loans available to students. All of these lenders require a credit check. It is the borrower's responsibility to contact the appropriate lender to determine (1) the interest rate, (2) the repayment terms, and (3) the necessary application information. Information on these alternative loans programs is available in the financial aid office or can be accessed through the Internet.


To apply for the Primary Care Loan (PCL) for medical students:

You must (in addition to the requirements listed on the front of this form)

  1. Complete ALL the parental information on the FAFSA.
  2. Provide a signed copy of your parents 1999 IRS 1040 to the Financial Aid office, (even if you are an independent student).

Because the requirement for the above program is exceptional need, parents with total income of $30,000+will not qualify. These programs require a primary care practice after residency. Heavy penalties will be enforced if a recipient fails to comply with this requirement. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.


Students are responsible for informing the Student Financial Aid office of any changes in their financial situation. All scholarships should be reported immediately. Students who change the course load during the semester need to know what effect such action will have on their financial aid. Students must also ensure that the school has correct addresses and phone numbers so that they will receive revised information in a timely manner.

The earlier you complete your application, the better your chances of having financial aid funds available on time.


If you have any questions, please call or stop by our office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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