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Accreditation-Related Student Concerns and/or Complaints

All schools of pharmacy have an obligation to respond to any written concerns and/or complaints lodged by students related to the school or the pharmacy program when these concerns/complaints are related to the standards and the policies and procedures of ACPE, the national pharmacy education accrediting body. These concerns/complaints must be related to one or more of the following:

  • The organization or administration of the school
  • The faculty or staff of the school
  • The curriculum or degrees offered by the school
  • The school's program of evaluation
  • The student affairs program of the school

Students are encouraged to discuss concerns/complaints with the Associate Dean for Curriculum, Students, and Outcomes. If the problem is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, a formal, written concern and/or complaint should be lodged. The school is obligated to respond to each issue formally filed, and these concerns/complaints must be shared by the school with the accrediting organization (ACPE) during the process of accreditation review.

To file a formal concern and/or complaint with the school, please click on the eRaider button below and login: