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Congratulations Class of 2012!

The Class of 2011 would like to welcome you to Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.  We would like to help you with the transition to the program.  Many of you probably have many questions now, and will continue to have questions throughout your first year.  In order to help we have begun a mentoring program, “Big R/Little x”.   This will be a simple exchange of email addresses between a P2 and P1 student.  If you would like to participate please fill out the Big R/Little x  form

Abilene, email to

Amarillo, email to .

We have also compiled a list of apartment complexes around each campus with comments made by students who have lived in the complex. 

Abilene Apartments

Amarillo Apartments

The Class of 2011 would also like to sell our used books to you.  Please email the following to find out more, the current book list should be available.

Abilene -

Amarillo -

We have also selling Class of 2012 T-shirts –the design and order from will be up soon.

Class of 2012 design

T-shirt order form

We are excited about meeting each of you.  Please let us know if there is anything else you would like our help with.

Class of 2011