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Ruiwen Zhang

Ruiwen Zhang

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Fellow
  • Advisory Committee Member
Office Phone: 806-356-4750 ext 230
Mail Address: 1300 S Coulter St
Amarillo TX 79106-1712


Dr. Zhang obtained MD (with highest honor) and PhD (Toxicology) from Fudan University Shanghai Medical College and completed a post-doctoral/clinical pharmacology fellowship at University of Alabama School of Medicine (UAB). He joined UAB faculty in 1992 and moved through the ranks to Tenured Professor and Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory Director. He joined TTUHSC School of Pharmacy in July 2010. Dr. Zhang’s research has been continuously funded by NIH, DoD, and other agencies, publishing > 180 papers, 2 books, > 50 invited reviews/book chapters. with >6,800 citations (H-index, 47). He is a certified toxicologist by American Board of Toxicology (D.A.B.T.) and was an ABT Board Director (2009-2013). He is an FDA advisory committee member and study section member for NIH, DoD, CDC, FDA, and NIOSH. Dr. Zhang was elected as Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2009. He is Editor-in-Chief of Current Cancer Drug Targets.

Research Interests

  • Translational Medicine

  • Drug discovery and development

  • Molecular, biochemical, and clinical pharmacology and experimental therapeutics

  • Molecular cancer biology

  • Preclinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

  • Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trials

  • Pharmacogenetics / Pharmacogenomics

  • Gene regulation, gene silencing, and molecular targeting

  • Biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals

  • Cancer prevention and biomarkers

  • Nutrition and health

Selected Publications:

  • Chen T, Xu Y, Guo H, Liu Y, Hu P, Yang X, Li X, Ge S, Velu S, Nadkami D, Rayburn E, Wang W, Zhang R, Wang H. Experimental therapy of ovarian cancer with synthetic Makaluvamine Analog: In vitro and in vivo anticancer activity and molecular mechanisms of action.. Plos One. 2011;(6(6):):e20729 Epub.
  • Li H, Ezell SJ, Wang W, Xu H, Rayburn ER, Zhang X, Gurpinar E, Yang X, Sommers CI, Velu SE, Zhang R. Development and validation of a HPLC method for quantitation of BA-TPQ, a novel iminoquinone anticancer agent, and an initial pharmacokinetic study in mice.. Biomedical Chromatography. 2011;(25(5):):628-34.
  • Wang W, Rayburn ER, Velu SE, Chen D, Nadkarni DH, Murugesan S, Chen D, Zhang R. A novel synthetic iminoquinone, BA-TPQ, as an anti-breast cancer agent: in vitro and in vivo activity and mechanisms of action.. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010;(123(2):):321-31.
  • Ezell SJ, Li H, Xu H, Gurpinar E, Zhang X, Rayburn ER, Sommers CI, Yang X, Velu SE, Wang W, Zhang R. Preclinical Pharmacology of BA-TPQ, a Novel Synthetic Iminoquinone Anticancer Agent. Marine Drugs 2010;(8(7):):2129-41.
  • Wang F, Ezell S, Zhang Y, Wang W, Rayburn E, Nadkarni D, Murugesan S, Velu S, Zhang R. FBA-TPQ, a novel marine-derived compound as experimental therapy for prostate cancer.. Invest New Drugs. 2010;(28(3):):234-41.