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Profile for Krystal Haase, PharmD

Krystal Haase

Krystal Haase, PharmD

  • Associate Professor
  • Division Head of Adult Medicine
Office Phone: 806-414-9294
Mail Address: 1300 S Coulter St
Amarillo TX 79106-1712


Dr. Haase is an Associate Professor and Head of the Division of Adult Medicine in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Texas Tech UHSC School of Pharmacy. After receiving her Pharm.D. degree from the University of Texas, she completed a two-year Pharmacotherapy Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Haase practices in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Northwest Texas Hospital. She developed and directed the two-year Pharmacotherapy residency at Texas Tech and served as Vice-Chair for Residency Programs for 5 years. She teaches in the areas of critical care and infectious diseases and has precepted over 200 students. Her research focus is on improvement of care to critically ill patients including those in rural areas.

Research Interests

critical care, infectious diseases, experiential learning

Teaching Interests

experiential learning, active learning methodology

Clinical Interests

critical care, infectious diseases

Selected Publications:

  • Haas CE, Haase KK. Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative – It’s all about implementation.. Pharmacotherapy 2016;36(5):576-578.
  • Clifford K, Dy-Boarman EA, Haase KK, Maxvill K, Pass SE, Alvarez CA. Challenges with diagnosing and managing sepsis in older adults. Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy 2016;14(2):231-241.
  • Bainum T, Haase KK, Mechelay D. Effect of abrupt discontinuation of antidepressant therapy in critically ill hospitalized adults. 2015 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy 2015.
  • Whitworth M, MacLaughlin EJ, Haase KK, Young RB, Bharadwaj R, Hodges J. Utilization and prescribing patterns of novel oral anticoagulants.. 2015 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy 2015.
  • Haase KK, Grelle J, Khasawneh FA, Ike C. Glycemic variability with temperature changes during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest.. 44th Critical Care Congress, Society of Critical Care Medicine 2015.