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Luca Cucullo

Luca Cucullo, PhD

  • Committee Member
  • Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 806-414-9237
Mail Address: 1300 S Coulter St
Amarillo TX 79106-1712


Dr. Cucullo joined the Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty in September of 2011. He received his doctoral degree in Pharmaceutical Technology /Biotechnology from the University of Pisa, School of Pharmacy, in 2000. He then continued his education engaging in a postdoctoral training at the Cleveland Clinic in the Dept. of Cell Biology/Cerebrovascular Research Center. There he began specializing in cerebrovascular modeling under the guidance of Prof. Damir Janigro, Ph.D. Prior to joining the School of Pharmacy Dr. Cucullo held the position of Project Scientist and Lab Manager of the Cerebrovascular Research Center and a secondary appointment as Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University-Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Dr. Cucullo research programs are currently funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (R01-DA02912; effects of tobacco smoke toxicity at the blood-brain barrier) and Alternative Research and Development Foundation (effect of hyper- and hypoglycemia on BBB physiology)

Selected Publications:

  • Sajja RK, Naik P, Cucullo L. Differential Cerebrovascular Toxicity of Various Tobacco Products: A Regulatory Perspective.. Journal of pharmacovigilance 2015;3(1).
  • Palmiotti CA, Prasad S, Naik P, Abul KM, Sajja RK, Achyuta AH, Cucullo L. In vitro cerebrovascular modeling in the 21st century: current and prospective technologies.. Pharmaceutical research 2014;31(12):3229-50.
  • Prasad S, Sajja RK, Naik P, Cucullo L. Diabetes Mellitus and Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction: An Overview.. Journal of pharmacovigilance 2014;2(2):125.
  • Naik P, Fofaria N, Prasad S, Sajja RK, Weksler B, Couraud PO, Romero IA, Cucullo L. Oxidative and pro-inflammatory impact of regular and denicotinized cigarettes on blood brain barrier endothelial cells: is smoking reduced or nicotine-free products really safe?. BMC neuroscience 2014;15:51.
  • Sajja RK, Prasad S, Cucullo L. Impact of altered glycaemia on blood-brain barrier endothelium: an in vitro study using the hCMEC/D3 cell line.. Fluids and barriers of the CNS 2014;11(1):8.