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Faculty Affairs Committee

Per the School of Pharmacy Bylaws, December 14, 2015.


The Membership of the Faculty Affairs Committee is comprised of:

One (1) tenured member of the faculty from each academic department in the School of Pharmacy elected by the faculty members of that department (If a department lacks a tenured faculty member, a non-tenured Associate Professor of that specific department may be elected to serve in the position reserved for a tenured faculty member.); and (3) faculty at the rank of Associate or Full Professor, elected at-large from the entire faculty. Neither the Dean of the SOP nor the Academic Department Chairs are eligible for election to the committee.


          Peer Review

The Faculty Affairs Committee serves as the standing peer faculty evaluation body whose duties include, but are not limited to, conducting all individual faculty activity evaluations requested by the Dean for purposes of recommending academic promotion, for the awarding of tenure, and in special circumstances for the continuance of tenure (tenure competency reviews when required).

This Faculty Affairs Committee also represents the entire faculty of the School in all matters pertaining to the purposes and powers of the faculty as defined in University and/or School of Pharmacy Bylaws and Policies. This Committee, as an advocate of faculty welfare, may thus consider all matters of relevant business referred to it by the faculty, as well as by the Dean or other faculty officers.

In more specific terms, the Faculty Affairs Committee develops policy and makes recommendations pertaining to:

  1. Procedures and instruments to be used in the evaluation of individual faculty activity by students and faculty peers for the evaluation of petitions for promotion and tenure
  2. Any other matter pertaining to faculty welfare.

          Bylaws Revision

The Faculty Affairs Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the School of Pharmacy Bylaws, and also advises the Executive Committee of the School on recommended changes, additions or deletions to the School of Pharmacy Faculty and Staff Policy and Procedures Manual. The Committee will review the School Bylaws every 2 years.

The Faculty Affairs Committee elects its own officers at its initial meeting of the new year and report its minutes, policies and recommendations to the Dean.

          Teaching Enhancement

The Faculty Affairs Committee serves as the standing committee of the faculty to foster, promote and assess teaching enhancement. Specific activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. When an individual faculty member requests in writing, a peer evaluation regarding the teaching effectiveness of that faculty member. The results may, at the faculty member's discretion, be reported to the faculty member's department Chair to be included as part of the Chair's formal evaluation.
  2. Conduct a peer review of teaching effectiveness of each faculty member who has requested promotion and/or tenure. The results of this review will be included in written form in the promotion and/or tenure report of the Committee. A copy is also delivered in writing to the candidate who may, at his or her discretion, deliver a copy to the department Chair.


To accomplish all of this, the Faculty Affairs Committee may be divided into subcommittees under the direction of subcommittee chairs. Any subcommittee assigned the duties of peer review of teaching effectiveness will have a two-third's majority of the members (4 members) holding rank and tenure status at least equivalent to the individual faculty member being reviewed.

Committee Members

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Name Position
Craig Cox Chair
Ulrich Bickel Member
Ron Hall Member
Sherry Luedtke
Maciej Markiewski Member
Cyntha Raehl Member
Sachin Shah
James Stoll Member

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