TTUHSC School of Pharmacy

Student Health Record Policy


Students involved in patient-care activities are at higher risk than the general population for acquiring communicable diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and tuberculosis. A pharmacy student who has one of these diseases may, in turn, infect other personnel and patients. Such infections established in any health care facility are serious in their potential for medical and possible legal complications. Therefore Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has a policy of immunization that all pharmacy students must follow. This policy conforms with Texas Statute Title 25 Health Services, SS97.61-97.77 of the Texas Administrative Cod that requires all students to be fully immunized during their patient care experiences.


Prior to enrollment in the School of Pharmacy, Candidates are required to obtain a history of their immunizations and vaccinations. Documentation of immunizations and vaccinations must be provided by written documentation of a health care provider (physician, nurse, or pharmacist), and must include the type of immunization/vaccination received, the date, and the signature of the health care provider who administered the immunization/vaccination. Documentation must be provided for the following:

If you have not had a validated illness, then two does of the vaccine is required for students not vaccinated before their 13th birthday. If immunization records are not available, candidates may meet these requirements by submitting serologic confirmation of immunity to hepatitis B, mumps, measles, rubella, varicella or receive immunizations for these diseases.

During the first semester in school, the student will be CPR certified. The certification provided during this first semester in school is through the American Heart Association is good for two years. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain CPR certification after the initial certification. The CPR certification is a requirement for all students in patient-care related activities. Your CPR certification must remain current at all times.

Students involved in patient-care related activities are required to maintain current student health records and CPR certification. Prior to each enrollment period, a review will be made of the students health records by Student Services. If a student has any immunizations, screenings, shots or CPR certification that may fall due during the next enrollment period, the student will be required to update their health record at least one week prior to the start of the semester. Any student who is not current with immunizations on the first day of the semester shall not be permitted to participate in any patient-related activities. The student will be automatically dropped on the first day of the semester and will not be allowed to complete any patient-care related courses during the entire semester. Students may enroll in patient care courses for the following semester if all immunizations and TB screening are completed by the first day of the following semester. Patient-related activities are provided throughout all four-years of pharmacy school.

Immunization records are maintained for each student on the Pharmacy web site, Student Page, Student Health Records. To view your personal records, the student must have an eraider account.