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Format Guideline for Promotion and/or Tenure Dossier

Approved by Dept Faculty – September 2001

This document guides the faculty candidates in preparing a dossier for internal and external reviews. For internal review, the dossier consists of a narrative and supporting documents in appendices. For external review, only the narrative and the candidates' CV are used. Faculty candidates should regard this document as a guideline and not standards for preparation of their dossier. It is the responsibility of candidates to present the most persuasive case for their promotion and/or tenure.

General Information

  1. Education History: Starting with the most recent, provide institutions attended and degrees earned. Also include any licenses and certifications.
  2. Work History: Starting with the most recent, provide academic and non-academic appointments.

Faculty Candidate's Statement of Accomplishments

The applicant should submit a brief statement of accomplishments (?1200 words). The statement should summarize individual and programmatic accomplishments in the areas of teaching, research, and service and may contain plans for future progress. By providing summative data, the statement is useful to both internal and external reviewers who are charged with evaluating long-term productivity and potential for continued productivity.

The statement should focus on accomplishments initiated and completed while in residence at TTUHSC. However, work from other institutions should also be included for candidates with initial appointments in other institutions.


The following is a list of teaching/mentoring-related activities and accomplishments that candidates may elect to incorporate in their dossier:

  1. A brief description of teaching/mentoring philosophy (less than one page).
  2. Courses Taught: List the course name, years taught, your role as a team leader and/or member, and your contribution in terms of number of lecture hours.
  3. Teaching Methods: Please describe here any innovative or unique methods that you have used in your teaching. Also include examples of your teaching methods (e.g., course syllabi and notes) in the Appendix.
  4. Curriculum Development: Please describe briefly your role in the design and development of new or revised courses.
  5. Advising/mentoring: Please list your role for advising/mentoring undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral trainees.
  6. Teaching Evaluations: Please provide evaluative data (from students, peers, and/or self) in the Appendix. You may also summarize and comment on the data in the narrative section.
  7. Teaching Honors and Awards
  8. Teaching Scholarship: Any peer-reviewed teaching and/or learning activity, such as publications in teaching journals and books, may be listed here.


Summarize (in less than one page) your research contributions concentrating on your longitudinal research program goals and productivity. A brief outline of grantsmanship highlighting the funding strategy may be included. Additionally, candidates may list the following research-related activities and accomplishments in their dossier:


Cite publications in the standard format including all authors. Also, please identify corresponding author with an asterisk for each publication. Only work in press or accepted will be considered. Works in preparation or submitted should not be included. For work in press or accepted, attach documentation from the editor in the Appendix. Include copies of representative publications in the Appendix. You may list your publications in the format shown below:

  1. Articles
    • Refereed
    • Non-Refereed
    • Case reports/Letters to the editors
    • Book Reviews
  2. Books
    • Author/Coauthor
    • Editor
  3. Book Chapters
    • Refereed
    • Non-Refereed
  4. Presentation/Abstracts
    • International/National
    • State/Local


Please provide title, all authors appropriately identified as PI, Co-PI, or co-investigator, sponsoring organization, competitive or noncompetitive review process, review score if applicable, dollar amount of entire grant, and dates of award under the following headings:

  1. Funded Proposals
    • Extramural
    • Intramural
  2. Non-Funded Proposals
    • Extramural
    • Intramural

Patents, Licenses, and Copyrights

For patents, please include patent numbers, US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) Submission numbers with date, and co-holders and percent of ownership, if applicable. For licenses and copyrights, please include numbers and dates of issue.

Invited Presentations

For each presentation list title of presentation, name of meeting and/or sponsoring organization, location, and date.


In less than a page, summarize the significance of your academic, professional, and/or administrative services.

  1. Academic Services

    Summarize in tabular format general academic service responsibilities including committee assignments and accomplishments in the following areas:

    • Service to TTU School of Pharmacy
    • Service to TTUHSC
    • Service to other academic institutions before joining TTUHSC.
  2. Professional Services

    Summarize in tabular format your professional services including contributions to scholarly and professional organizations, manuscript and grant application reviews, editorial advisory boards, and continuing education programs.

  3. Administrative Service (Dean, Associate Deans, Chair, Vice-Chair, and Director of Graduate Program)

    Describe your administrative responsibilities and accomplishments in each of the programmatic areas for which you hold major responsibility.

  4. Consulting Services:

    Please list company, location, dates, and subject of your consulting activities.


Additional documentation of all performance areas may be included in the Appendices to support the narrative section. Except for the candidate's CV, the appendices will be used only for internal reviews. External reviewers will receive the narrative and the candidate's CV.  Inclusion of the requested appendix components will be helpful to internal reviewers without burdening them with excessive detail.

Curriculum Vitae

Please submit a detailed and up-to-date CV.


  1. Student evaluations for last 3 years from all TTUHSC courses and other institutions, if applicable.
  2. Peer evaluations, if available.
  3. Up to 2 course syllabi for courses in which you were a team leader or major team member.
  4. Up to 2 examples of detailed lecture notes, lab exercises, or clerkship activity reports.


  1. Publications: Please provide copies of representative publications. Also include copies of correspondence with editors documenting acceptance of work in press.
  2. Grants: Candidates may include up to 2 copies of abstracts and external reviews of works submitted but not funded.


Include any document which provides information about the quality of your academic, professional, and/or administrative service.

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