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Seminar Schedule

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08-16-2013 11:30am AMA SOP 107 GUEST SPEAKER: Kay Mary Harrell, R.Ph., J.D., Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs at DPT Laboratories, Ltd. in San Antonio, Texas Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development
08-21-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student, Kamrun Nahar Inhalable Peptide-Decorated Nanocarrier for Targeting Pulmonary Vasculature
08-28-2013 4:00pm AM1110/AB1130/D433/L GUEST SPEAKER: John Patton, Ph.D., Dance Pharmaceuticals Marine Biology to Inhaled Insulin
09-04-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Manoj Banjara Lipocalin-2 is a Marker for Neuronal Cell Death in Sterile Neuroinflammation
09-11-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Jee Hyun Park Establishing a Brain Metastasis Model for Evaluating TCRm Therapeutics
09-18-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Parul Gupta Decoding the Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms of HER2 in Breast Cancer Metastasis
09-18-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Sharad Sharma mTOR Inhibition Prevents BMS-777607 Induced Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer Cells by Suppressing Polyploidy and Senescence
09-25-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Neel Fofaria STAT-3 Induces Anoikis Resistance, Promotes Cell Migration and Metastatic Potential in Cancer Cells
09-25-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Kito Barrow Improving the Efficacy of Taxane Drugs with Methylseleninic Acid in the Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
10-02-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER: Harvinder Gill, Ph.D., TTU Lubbock Engineering Micro and Nanosystems for Mucosal Vaccination
10-09-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Jun Liu Synthesis of a Choline Transporter Inhibitor and Design of Affinity Labeling Probes
10-09-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Nina Blakeman The Interplay Between eNOS Palmitoylation and Phosphorylation: The Triacsin C Effect
10-16-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/AB11130/D433/L1C100 GUEST SPEAKER: Megan Gibbs, BScPharm, Ph.D., FCP, Amgen, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA Modeling and Simulation to Impaction Decision Making in Early Development
10-23-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Jahidur Rashid
Isolation and Characterization of Resistant Colon Cancer Cells to RON Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor-BMS777607
10-30-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER: Jinhui Zhang, Ph.D., TTUHSC Amarillo Clinical pharmacokinetics of cancer chemo-preventive phytochemicals from Angelica gigas Nakai (AGN) - Starting a journey in translational research
11-06-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Kowser Miah Effects of Hepatectomy and Ishcemia-Reperfusion Injury on the Pharmacokinetics of the Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability Marker Sodium Fluorescein in Rats
11-06-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Alok Ranjan Repurposing Antipsychotic Drug 'Penfluridol' for Cancer Treatment
11-13-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER: Barry Maurer, M.D., Ph.D., TTUHSC Lubbock Anticancer Cytotoxicity of Dihydroceramides - Clinical Translation
11-20-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student A.G.M. Mostofa Primary Resistance to Polyploidy Induction as a Mechanism of Chemosensitivity in BMS-777607-treated Colorectal Cancer Cells
12-04-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Raghavender Chivukula Studying TCR Mimic Monoclonal Antibodies in Immunocompetent Mouse Tumor Models
12-04-2013 4:00pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Rashedul Islam Screening Biphalin Peptide Analogs for their Neuroprotective Potential in Models of Ischemia


01-15-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER: Fakhrul Ahsan, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Graduate Program Advisor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, TTUHSC, Amarillo information Regarding the New Qualifying Exam Format Being Proposed by Graduate Faculty/GPC members and a Brief Discussion About PowerPoint Presentations.
01-22-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Nilesh Gupta Self-assembled Lipidic Micelles for Respiratory Drug Delivery
01-29-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Poojah Naik Impact of Cigarette Smoke Extracts from Regular, Reduced Exposure and Low Nicotine Products on Blood Brain Barrier Endothelial Cells
02-05-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Rajiv Balyan Capecitabine Metabolism and Distribution in Preclinical Mouse Models of Breast Cancer Brain Metastases
02-12-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Kamrun Nahar Nitric Oxide (NO) Donor as an Alternative to Inhaled NO in PAH
02-19-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Subhasree Nag Preclinical Pharmacology of a Novel Small Molecule Anti-MDM2 Anti-Cancer Agent
02-26-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Alejandra Fernandez Effect of Triheptanoin Feeding on Spontaneous Seizures of Pilocarpine-Induced Epileptic Mice
03-05-2014 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Debasish Basak Thiol Modification-Induced Reactivation of Mutant p53 (R273H) by a Nontoxic Stabilized Glutathione Disulfide
03-12-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 Guest Speaker: Zonghan Dai, Ph.D., TTUHSC Amarillo Regulation of Actin Dynamics by Abl Interactor Proteins
03-19-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Vindhya Edpuganti Effect of Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury on the Disposition of Cytochrome P450 Metabolites of Arachidonic Acid in Rat Livers
03-26-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Alumnus Sami Nazzal, Monroe, La. What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School: Surviving A Career in Academia
04-02-2014   4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Sukesh Voruganti RYBP as a Novel Tumor Suppressor
04-02-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Fnu Shikha Impact of Cigarette Smoke Extracts on BBB Endothelial Cells Under Altered Glycemic Conditions
04-16-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Tanvirul Hye Targeting HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Brain Metastases Using Drug Loaded Nanoemulsion
04-23-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 Guest Speaker: Milton Brown, Ph.D, M.D., Georgetown University Discovery of HDAC Shuttling Inhibitors as Radiation Sensitizers and Anti-Cancer Agents
04-30-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Sharad Sharma mTOR Inhibition: A Route to Escape BMS-777607 Induced Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer Cells
05-07-2014  4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Raktima Bhattacharya Effects of Targeted Delivery of NFκB Decoys on Markers of Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in a MCAO Model