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How an Application is Reviewed Step 2


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Step 2 - Admissions Committee Review

The Admissions Committee is composed of a cross section of faculty members and advanced students who review each application to determine which applicants will be invited to the Amarillo or Abilene campus for an interview. To select those to interview, we compute each applicant’s probability of successfully completing the curriculum (4 years of pharmacy studies with a composite GPA above 75% and no course failures), by a regression formula that includes your Pre-Pharmacy GPA (as computed on your application), and the Composite, Biology, Chemistry and Reading scores on your PCAT. Through statistical analysis of our previous students’ success in the curriculum, we have found that these elements are highly predictive of an applicant’s success or failure in the program. Once the probabilities are computed, we then invite those with the highest probability of being academically successful for an interview.

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