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Equipment Maintenance and Service Contracts Upkeep

The SOP Office of Sciences assists the School with the upkeep of major research equipment (including the payment of high-cost yearly service contracts).   The policy regarding capital equipment upkeep and maintenance of service contracts may be found at:

Briefly, all Principal Investigators (PIs) should anticipate sharing in the costs to provide for a technician as well as for the annual maintenance costs of the major equipment that they use.   The Office of the Sciences shall determine what instruments will require investigators to pay usage fees.   When preparing extramural grant requests, PIs must include equipment use fees in their budgets.   (Please refer to the Equipment Use Fee Table for these rates.)

The Office of Sciences approves all PI requests to use capital equipment, ensures compliance with this policy, and reviews all waiver requests from PIs.   Copies of equipment use logs will be delivered to the Sciences Office each month, and the Office will charge equipment use fees directly to research accounts, as appropriate.

SOP OP 73.P.03

Equipment Use Fee Table

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