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Fluorescent Microscope

Fluorescent Microscopy


Olympus IX81

Fluorescence microscopy takes advantage of molecules that are capable of fluorescence, which is the absorption of energy from specific wavelengths of light and subsequently emitting (or releasing) light of a longer wavelength. The difference between the peak excitation wavelength and emission wavelength during fluorescence decay is known as “Stokes” shift. A fluorescence microscope utilizes this characteristic shift to generate microscopic images to study unique structures and behaviors in cells and/or tissues. Combined with sensitive cameras, fluorescence microscopy can provide the user with both qualitative and quantitative data. Epifluorescence (wide field) microscopy is ideal for imaging thin samples such as cell monolayers.

Olympus IX81


Faculty Contact:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Amarillo Research Building
1406 Coulter St. Room 2203B
Amarillo, TX  79106
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Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava, Ph.D.

Office: ARB 2101

Phone: 806-414-9211



Staff Contact: for training and assistance

Hourly user fee: $20

Hourly rate for technician: $40

Dr. Zijuan Liu, Ph.D.

Office: ARB 2100A

Phone: 806-414-9199


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