TTUHSC School of Pharmacy


Assistance with Submissions to the Institutional Review Board ( IRB)

The Department of Pharmacy Practice will make every effort to assist researchers with their applications to the IRB. Provided researchers share their applications and protocols with the Office seven days prior to the IRB's due date, the Departmental Coordinator will edit the materials for general errors, in addition to recommending changes that will strengthen the submission. The Departmental Coordinator attends as many of the Amarillo IRB meetings as possible. Because of this, over time, the Office gleans tips, trends, and expectations that characterize IRB reviews of submissions. The Department of Pharmacy Practice will gladly make recommendations to the Principal Investigator, but in terms of hard science, no recommendations will be made, since developing the research plan is an area in which only the researcher will have expertise.

The Department of Pharmacy Practice can also assist investigators in using the online iRIS system.  All TTUHSC IRB submissions MUST be sent via the iRIS system.  Please allow for adequate time for the review of materials, prior to IRB submission deadlines.

As much as possible, the Department of Pharmacy Practice will also assist researchers on all campuses with submissions to IRBs outside of Amarillo.

For additional information and resources, please see the section on "IRB and iRIS Assistance" on the Office of Research Procedures page: