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Pharmacy Residency Program

Resident Project Timeline

August 1st

Identify Project: The resident, in conjunction with his/her director and/or project advisor will identify a project.

August 30th

Scientific Advisory Committee: The resident will submit a final draft of his/her project proposal to the residency director and scientific advisory committee. Projects may be submitted to the scientific advisory committee prior to this date. The committee will review protocols and return to the resident with comments and suggestions within 10 days of receipt.

September 16th

Final Submission: A formal proposal will be approved by the residency director and submitted to the Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice (or Regional Dean when applicable) for final approval. Texas Tech requires that all research projects be approved through the Institutional Review Board. Projects may also require approval through a site-specific Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Oct 3rd (Ama) & Oct 17th (Lub)

IRB Review: Projected date of review by IRB if above deadlines are met. Project will be forwarded to the IRB no later than Sept 21st in Amarillo or October 5th in Lubbock.

March 28-29th

Pre-ALCALDE Presentation: A formal summary of the project, including preliminary data will be presented to residents, preceptors and program directors in preparation for the Southwestern Regional Residents' Conference.

June 23rd

Written Project Summary: A formal summary of the completed project must be submitted to the Residency Director. The project will be considered complete when the stated objectives have been met. A residency certificate will not be awarded until the project is completed.