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Grant Application Review Process

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for the review and submission of grant proposals to external funding agencies for support that, if awarded, will result in the issuance of a grant, cooperative agreement or contract. The preparation of a well-organized, thoroughly reviewed proposal is critical to the successful submission of an application for funding. 

Private Foundation Grant Proposal Notice of Intent 

NOTE: If you use Google Chrome or Safari, you have to save the above form to your desktop, and open it from there to fill it out - it will not submit within the browser.

Notice of intent (NOI) to submit a Private Foundation Grant Proposal is required. The NOI form is due to OSP 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the agency deadline. This excludes proposals to CH Foundation and South Plains Foundation. The full proposal is still due to OSP 5 business days before the agency deadline.

OSP Deadline

The full and complete grant application is due to OSP at least 5 business days prior to the sponsoring agency's deadline in accordance with TTUHSC OP 73.13 Approval Process for External Funding Requests.

Please be advised that your school may impose additional deadlines and requirements, so please be sure to confirm those deadlines within your school. If a proposal is not received by the Office of Research before the stated internal deadline, no guarantee can be provided that the proposal will be submitted on time. 

Documents required for submission (when TTUHSC is the lead):

  1. OSP Route Sheet signed by Principal Investigator/Project Director and Departmental Chairperson.  Click here for instructions on how to complete the Route Sheet.
  2.  Full and complete grant application/proposal (including final budget and budget justification)
  3. Sponsor guidelines (may be a weblink or paper version)
  4. Complete list of all key personnel to verify the completion of Financial Conflict of Interest disclosure
  5. When TTUHSC is the lead applicant and there are subcontracts to other institutions in the budget, OSP will need:

Documents required for submission (when TTUHSC is the subcontractor):

1.   OSP Route Sheet signed by Principal Investigator/Project Director and Departmental Chairperson.

2.   Statement of Work describing the work to be performed by TTUHSC

3.   Budget and budget justification for the TTUHSC portion of the work



A Brief Guide to the Grants Process at TTUHSC

This document provides a description of each stage of the grant process and explains how the Office of Sponsored Programs is involved. 


Quick Facts

Quick Facts" provides institutional information (such as DUNS #, Federal tax ID#, congressional district, and institutional official names) that is often needed in order to complete grant application forms.


Grant Writing Handout 

For questions or more information about Grant Writing contact the TTUHSC Writing Center


TTUHSC Fact Book

Additional institutional information can also be found in the TTUHSC Fact Book.


Who can submit a proposal?

Because of the diversity in type and purpose of various proposal mechanisms, we strongly encourage close review of the eligibility requirements with the solicitation. Some mechanisms apply to current graduate and PhD students (fellowships, etc.); others are geared toward new investigators; others are for breakthrough research, etc. It is important to read each solicitation closely to ensure proper candidacy for the specific mechanism.

In general, only TTUHSC full-time faculty are eligible to serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on a research grant.  Refer to TTUHSC OP 73.08, Requirements for Principal Investigator Status for more information.