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Robyn Devora (Non-Exempt)

Robyn Devora

Robyn Devora

IT Support Technician III - School of Pharmacy


About Robyn

I currently work in the Office of Technology for the school of pharmacy. I am enthused to be a part of the TTUHSC Abilene campus and truly love what I do. I am a recent
graduate of Texas Tech University; I received a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and I plan to earn a Masters in Public Health to continue my efforts to serve the school to best of my abilities.

I provide the school with an expertise in implementing new or existing technologies, which allows me to perform needs assessments, research and select technology beneficial in online, face-to-face and hybrid learning environments. I am
still currently the State Employee Charitable Campaign coordinator for Abilene’s school of pharmacy campus and will continue to assist raising thousands of dollars each year to assist in local, state and global charities.

I love working for TTUHSC and I am excited to say I am a Red Raider for life with my “Guns Up”!

Molly Rake (Non-Exempt)

Molly Rake

Molly Rake

Coordinator Faculty Support - School of Nursing


About Molly

I am the Coordinator for Faculty Support at the Abilene campus.  I have been a part of TTUHSC and in this position for 3.5 years. 

As a member of the staff senate I would work to keep the lines of communication open and make sure that any concerns the staff have are heard so that we can continue to improve and make TTUHSC an even better place to work.  


Julie Beaty (Exempt)

Julie Beaty

Julie Beaty

Nurse Home Visitor, Pediatrics - School of Medicine


About Julie

My name is Julie Beaty.  I have been employed by TTUSHC-Amarillo for 3 years. I am a registered nurse and a Nurse Home Visitor in the Nurse-Family Partnership program. Previously, I was a Nurse Home Visitor in Oklahoma.  I have worked in the Wallace building since becoming employed, and often feel disconnected on what is going on campus wide. This year it was my goal to become directly involved with TTUSHC.

I have always had an interest in leadership. I feel that being on the staff senate will be a perfect avenue to be a voice and represent my fellow co-workers, as well as becoming more familiar with all the great things happening at TTUSHC-Amarillo.

I value the impact on the Panhandle communities that the Texas Tech Amarillo Campus serves. Being out in the community on a daily basis, I see the rewards of our various programs and departments.  I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization and to be able to contribute to our community.  I am currently involved in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition, Texas Home Visiting, Operation First Five and several other community impact groups. I would be honored to serve as your staff senate representative.


 Julie Beaty, R.N.

Cassie Jackson (Exempt)

Cassie Jackson

Cassie Jackson

Clerkship Coordinator, Pediatrics - School of Medicine


About Cassie

I am an Amarillo native, but had moved away and then returned.  When I moved back to Amarillo, I began to bring my children to TTUHSC Pediatrics for their care. What I found here was amazing faculty and staff. I was proud to join their team a short time later. My background is in law enforcement and I found myself in unfamiliar territory when I joined the ranks in medical education, but I found out quickly that there was assistance in every place I looked.

As a wife and the mother of three children, I understand the need for a strong support system. I believe that the Staff Senate at TTUHSC provides a great support system to staff. I am excited to be a part of an organization that assists the staff and gives them a voice in the day to day operations and overall function of TTUHSC. My passion is to serve others and I am certain that serving on the Staff Senate at TTUHSC will give me the opportunity to serve my colleagues as well as grow as a staff member and as a person.

Ali Khan (Exempt)

Ali N Khan

Ali Khan

Associate Clinical Department Administrator, Pediatrics - School of Medicine


About Ali

I currently work as Associate Administrator in Department of Pediatrics and have been associated with Texas Tech for close to 2 years now. The thing that inspires me most about Texas Tech is its diversity and environment.

As a staff senator, my goal would be to foster an environment of teamwork and trust. To me these are the basic foundation of an organization. I believe TOGETHER we can do wonders!


Walter Kopriva (Exempt)

Walter Kopriva

Walter Kopriva

Assistant Director of Nursing, Montford Unit


About Walter

I have worked for TTUHSC for just over twenty years now. More specifically I have worked with Correctional Managed Health Care during that time. As a supervisor I recognize the importance of providing staff with the information they need, but is not readily accessible to them. The Staff Senate provides that vehicle to both receive and share that information. Better informed and involved staff make better employees. Good employees make the best recruiters, and we need to let prospective employees know what a wonderful place we have to work, and what a calling Corrections is. I have been extremely fortunate to have served as an Alternate in the Senate for the several hundred Correctional employees within TTUHSC since August of 2015. Knowing that all voices within our vast network are heard, and that their opinions matter encourages me to continue what I have been privileged to begin.

Ella O'Neal (Exempt)

Ella O'Neal

Ella O'Neal

Senior Director, Human Resources


About Ella

Hello, my name is Ella O'Neal, Sr. Director for Human Resources for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Correctional Managed Health Care (TTUHSC – CMHC) in Lubbock.  I have been the HR Director for eleven years.  I am very blessed with the opportunity to oversee human resource services and to be an integral part of CMHC’s management/leadership team in establishment of working relationships to provide patient safety, quality health care and services.   

 I graduated from South Plains College with an Associate Degree in Accounting; from Wayland Baptist University with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Practice Management.  I am also a graduate of the South Plains Association of Governments' (SPAG) Regional Law Enforcement Academy.  

 I am excited about the possible opportunity to become part of the Staff Senate.  I would like to contribute to staff awareness in a way to identify, educate and network the focus of connectivity – across all campuses - for the betterment of the institution and its overall success.

Norma Rincon (Exempt)

Norma Rincon

Norma Rincon

Section Coordinator, Sanchez Unit


About Norma

TTUHSC Employee since April 1996. I currently serve as Section Coordinator for the Executive Medical Director of TTUHSC Correctional Managed Health Care.

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME TO BE YOUR VOICE and together move forward to successfully meet institutional shared goals and development.

  • I will review both TTUHSC and TTUHSC CMHC policies, programs and documents; and make recommendations on issues that concern your welfare and staff, as a whole.
  • I will fairly represent your diverse needs and interests; to strengthen the bond between you and staff members, as a whole.
  • I will serve as a channel through which information may be communicated to you.
  • I will play an active role in influencing of the quality of campus life for you and staff, as a whole.
  • I will keep abreast of current issues of interest to you and staff; and voice your opinions, suggestions and concerns.

My goal is to enhance the work environment for you and staff, as a whole.

Thank you and hope to gain your vote and support.

Courtney Ashpaugh (Non-Exempt)

Courtney Ashpaugh

Courntey Ashpaugh

Coordinator, Montford Unit


About Courtney

Hello, my name is Courtney and I have been a Psychiatric Coordinator at the JM unit here in Lubbock since late 2014. I grew up in Dallas and never thought I would truly be able to call another city home, until I moved here and was charmed by the town, people, and of course this University. I am a mother of 2 very active and intelligent children, and I pride myself in helping others around me accomplish their goals and dreams.

 In my role here at the prison, I often advocate for staff and upper management on countless situations. I look forward to doing more of that. Being that people are one of my many passions in life, I know that with this role on the Staff Senate I can serve them well, while pushing my own personal and professional growth to new limits. I am honored to be considered for this opportunity, and look forward to working towards a more unified relationship between the Staff and University itself and hope to bring a fresh perspective where it is needed. 



Trace Moore (Exempt)

Trace Moore

Trace Moore

Programmer Analyst II - School of Health Professions


About Trace

I am a Lubbock Native and have lived here all my life.  For the better part of a decade I have worked for TTUHSC.  For the past 4 years I have served, in some capacity, on the Staff Senate.  Serving on the Staff Senate in some capacity for the past four years, even serving as President,  has given me the insight to keep the Staff Senate going down the right path.  

"We are your voice" is a statement believe in it whole-heartedly. I have no doubt that the Staff Senate is the best possible organization for the staff of TTUHSC to have their voices heard.  I will do everything in my power to address staff issues and make The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center the best possible place for our staff.                     

Timira Woods-San Roman (Exempt)

Timira Woods San Roman

Timira Woods-San Roman

Chief Accountant - Accounting Services


About Timira

My name is Timira Woods-San Roman. I am a down-to-earth Christian woman who does not like nonsensical things. I am straightforward, loving, and caring. I prefer blue jeans and t-shirt but stylish is fun too. Characteristics used to describe me are gentle and carefree. I am outdoorsy but appreciate structured security, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing. I am witty at times but very tactful. I enjoy baking but I am no baker. I like DIY projects especially if demolition is involved. I prefer the NFL rather than NHL and NBA instead of MLB. Overall I’m a considerate person who is approachable to all.

Serving others is one of my best qualities. Many hands make light work, so I try to be involved and volunteer whenever possible. Being a longtime member and volunteer of the Boy Scouts of America, serving others is a way of life. Robert Baden Powell said, “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it”; I have applied his philosophy in all my activities. I would like to be the voice of TTUHSC Staff to ensure my fellow coworkers’ concerns and needs are addressed and do my part to make TTUHSC better for all!

Jerry Don Brown (Non-Exempt)

Jerry Brown

Jerry Don Brown

Parking Coordinator - Student Business Services


About Jerry

I have been employed by TTUHSC Lubbock for almost 2 years. I am currently serving as the Parking Coordinator for Student Business Services. Previously, I served as a member of the United States Marine Corps and retired after 21 years of service.

As a Staff Senator, I plan on using the leaderships skills and 'can do' work ethic gained throughout my military service to provide the employees of TTUHSC with a staunch advocate for the improvement of our University.


Kristi Ramirez (Exempt)

Kristi Ramirez

Kristi Ramirez

Unit Coordinator - Administration


About Kristi


 My name is Kristi Ramirez I have worked for Texas Tech Health Science Center for over six years. I currently work in the school of Medicine Administration department but before that I worked as a Senior Patient Service Specialist for over 4 years.  Working in these departments I can say I understand the importance of giving our staff a guided direction in resources, helping with issues that impact our employees and encourage communication and involvement.  I am a strong believer in knowing that our campus employees are the foundation to a successful campus in patient care. 

I personally see that the Staff Senate is a great opportunity to build up the moral for the Odessa and Midland campuses.

I truly want to be a part of a group of individuals that speak up to be a voice for the TTUHSC-Permian Basin family.

I am a huge believer in teamwork, getting involved, and have a love to help others.

 Thank you,

Kristi Ramirez 

Edith Nieto (Non-Exempt)

Edith Nieto

Edith Nieto

Senior Business Assistant, Surgery - School of Medicine


About Edith

Hi, my name is Edith Nieto, born and raised in Odessa, Texas. I have had the pleasure of working for Texas Tech for about five years. I love doing charity work or any type of community involvement. I truly enjoy helping others in any way possible as well as being a source of encouragement and motivation to the people around me. I like to make people smile and laugh when possible. I am very easy going and easy to approach making it easier for others to approach me with any problems or concerns they may have. Finding solutions and being the voice of our campus is very important to me. Being able to work towards goals to making TTUHSC an even better place with the great team of Staff Senate would be a great honor.