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2016-2017 Staff Senate

spirit of unity

The TTUHSC Staff Senate, like the Faculty Senate, has a voice, provides feedback on issues such as policies and procedures and offers an avenue for all staff to present comment, concerns and better their work environment and other issues affecting staff as a whole. The Staff Senate has the full support of TTUHSC administration and the Faculty Senate.

Elected senators serve a 2-year term (2016-2018) and the alternates serve a one-year term (2016-2017). So get to know your local senator!


Current Staff Senate Officers

Listing by Campus

Abilene Campus

Amarillo Campus

Correctional Managed Health Care

Dallas Campus



Distant Site Campuses


Lubbock Campus

Midland Campus


Odessa Campus


Alphabetical Listing

  • Ashpaugh, Courtney - CMHC, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Beaty, Julie - Amarillo, Senator (Exempt)
  • Brown, Jerry Don - Lubbock, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Cline, Vicki - Lubbock, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Devora, Robyn - Abilene, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Duke, Brooke - Amarillo, Senator (Exempt)
  • Escontrias, Lisset - Odessa, Alternate (Exempt)
  • Field, Laura - Amarillo, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Hall, Stephanie - Odessa, Senator (Exempt)
  • Jackson, Cassie - Amarillo, Alternate (Exempt)
  • Jacobo, Evalina - Odessa, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Kerin, Allison - Lubbock, Senator (Exempt)
  • Kopriva, Walter - CMHC, Alternate (Exempt)
  • Moore, Trace - Lubbock, Alternate (Exempt)
  • Morales, Irene - Odessa, Alternate (Non-Exempt)
  • Nieto, Edith - Odessa, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Pineda, Graciela - CMHC, Alternate (Non-Exempt)
  • Rake, Molly - Abilene, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Ramirez, Kristi - Odessa, Senator (Exempt)
  • Ramirez, Rebecca - CMHC, Senator (Exempt)
  • Rincon, Norma - CMHC, Senator (Exempt)
  • Ritter, Jennifer - Dallas, Senator (Non-Exempt)
  • Russell, Lyn -  Lubbock, Alternate (Non-Exempt)
  • Sperbeck, Michelle - Abilene, Ex-Officio
  • Woods-San Roman, Timira -  Lubbock, Senator (Exempt)
  • Zambrano, Patsy - CMHC, Senator (Non-Exempt)