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René André

Senator (Non-Exempt)

Sylvia Montes

Sylvia Montes

Paul L. Foster SOM Faculty Development Senior Business Assistant

El Paso Campus

About Sylvia

My Name is Sylvia Montes, I am a Senior Business Assistant in the Department of Faculty Development. I have been in this dept. for 3 years now and enjoy working with a great group of people. I help assist with faculty in the Faculty Development Course (FDC) which is a course that we have for the faculty to learn hands on skills. This position will help me in many ways that will allow me to help others such as the staff, faculty and students. Because of this I feel that I will be an excellent representative for the staff as I get to speak to many of them.

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Having a sincere interest in and highest regard for the goals, purposes and functions of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, the mission of the Staff Senate to seek the active representation and involvement of staff in the affairs of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, at all times striving to contribute to the overall success of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.


The Staff Senate will be a visible and vital organization, recognized as the voice of the HSC staff. It will foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among staff and promote the current and future needs of the entire HSC community.