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Leadership Team at The Free Clinic

The Free Clinic is a student-run free clinic and is led by a five-member leadership team who serve one-year terms. The leadership team consists every year of four second-year medical students and one nurse practitioner student. The leadership team makes sure The Free Clinic runs effectively and efficiently week-to-week. The leadership team does the administrative work at the clinic and directs the flow of patients and students. They also handle the scheduling of student volunteers, training and orienting volunteers, recruiting volunteer physicians, compiling data, keeping inventory, requesting donations, advocating for patients and student, developing and implementing new ideas and services, and representing The Free Clinic. The head of the leadership team is the Student Liason who directs and guides the team and serves as the point person for the medical director, the dean's office and the student body. The leadership team is determined each year though a thorough application and interview process conducted by the current team. 

2017-2018 Leadership Team:

Abigail Rosales, Student Liaison
Laynie Abraham
Katie Miller
Dean Phillips
Austin McCuistion
Chibuzo Akalonu

2016-2017 Leadership Team:

Garrett Meeks, Student Liaison
Logan Adams
MJ Bollinger
Brittany Cox
Jena Deitrick
David Stamps

2015-2016 Leadership Team:

Kyra Schmidt, Student Liaison
Mitchell Ackerman
Daphne Arena
Patricia Dushku
Molly Rooney

2014-2015 Leadership Team:

Patrick Marquardt, Student Liaison
Matthew Driver
Stacey Lynch
Peihsuan Tsai
Kandis Wright

2013-2014 Leadership Team:

Feba Thomas, Student Liaison
Sean Hattenbach
Austin Meyer
Lauren Tollack
Duy Vu

2012-2013 Leadership Team:

Justin Berk, Student Liaison
Steve Cowles
Sharon Moore
Chris Prze
Michael Song

2011-2012 Leadership Team:

Marie Pfarr, Student Liaison
Michelle Devine
Karen Luk
Sydney Reynolds
Michael Song

2010-2011 Leadership Team:

Mu Chen, Student Liaison
Harjot Singh
Jennifer Roh
Megan Shupp

2009-2010 Leadership Team:

Brian Mahmood, Student Liaison
Carlos Ortiz
Revathi Ravi
Natalie Frieh