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What to expect if you are a student volunteer:

At The Free Clinic, all aspects of medical care greatly involve students at every level. Our medical student volunteers learn how to provide optimal patient care beginning at the earliest stages of their career. 

Four first or second year medical students perform triage and vital signs. They learn how to efficiently and effectively gather information and vital signs needed to prescreen the patients. 

A team of first, second, third, or fourth year medical students, under the supervision of attending physicians, perform patient interviews and physical exams. Here students are able to begin to make decisions on what is relevant for a pertinent physical exam and fine tune their clinical skills and knowledge.

Laboratory blood draws or procedures like EKGs, finger sticks, intramuscular injections, rapid strep test, urine dip tests, etc. are performed by medical students under the supervision of a nurse who explains the steps and intricate details that are involved with the procedures. This gives students the invaluable experience to learn first hand from other healthcare professionals. 

The medical student team assigned to the patient performs discharge information and chart completion. 

The volunteer experience at The Free Clinic gives medical students the ample opportunity to practice their clinical skills and knowledge while interacting with, learning from, and serving Lubbock's uninsured and undeserved population. Students directly interact with patients, physicians of all specialties, students from other years of study, and other healthcare professionals as well. 

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