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Student Health Services: International Students

Insurance Information   

All International Students are automatically enrolled into the Academic HealthPlan insurance policy while they attend Texas Tech University.   All of our services are covered by this insurance plan and you many obtain your card, if you have not received it by mail to the US based address you entered, in Student Health Administration Room 210, Student Wellness Center.  If you currently have insurance and the insurance meets the waiver criteria, you may fill out a waiver, see below of requirements. There is a medical evacuation fee all international students must pay regardless if they are a member of the Academic HealthPlan insurance or not.  


 Insurance Waiver Deadline

              Fall deadline is September 15th.

                            Appeal for Fall September 22nd.

              Spring deadline is February 15th.

                            Appeal for Spring February 22nd.

              Summer deadline is June 15th.

                            Appeal for Summer June 20th.                  


Vaccination Requirements

              All international students who are citizens in the following countries are not required to have tuberculosis screening:

                              American Samoa                         Iceland                                   New Zealand

                              Australia                                        Ireland                                    Norway

                              Belgium                                         Italy                                         Saint Kitts and Nevis

                              Canada                                         Jamaica                                 Saint Lucia

                              Denmark                                       Liechtenstein                        San Marino

                              Finland                                          Luxembourg                         Switzerland

                              France                                           Malta                                      United Kingdom

                              Germany                                       Monaco                                 The Virgin Islands

                              Greece                                          Netherlands

              All other countries not listed above will need to have a T Spot Test completed within the first 5 weeks of class.

                            It must be performed by an American physician to be accepted.

                            It must be the blood drawn test, not the skin test.

                            If  not completed, a hold will be placed on your account until it is.

                            You will only need to show proof or receive TB testing your first semester of classes or if you are

                             re-admitted student.

                                          This includes by not limited to :

                                                   Students going from Undergraduate to Graduate School

                                                    Students who attended another University of College

                                                    Student who dropped out of Texas Tech and were re-admitted

                            You can come to the clinic to fulfill this requirement after the first day of class.

                            If you are coming in to take only the TB testing, you will not be required to pay the Medical Service Fee.


              All incoming students are required to have proof of meningitis and MMRs.  

                                           If you are 22 years of age or older, you do not have to show proof of meningitis. 


Entry into the United States:  Immigration Requirements

Please visit for more information about what requirements the               United States has for entry.


If you have further questions regarding Immigration please contact your International Affairs Advisor.  If you are unsure of who that my be or need other information, please visit the following link:,.php.


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