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Student Health Services: New Students

Before Orientation

              Email a copy of your meningitis and MMRs records to us.

                            - If you are requesting records from a physician, have your physician fax it to us at (806) 743-2122.

              If you are 22 years of age or older, you are not required to have proof of the meningitis vaccination

              Make sure your R number is on all correspondents

              International students will need a tuberculosis screening in addition to MMRs and meningitis.

                            - It must be the blood drawn test, not the skin test.

                            - You can email these records as well.

               ALL SHOT RECORDS must have the following:

                              All records need to have the Students NAME and DATE OF BIRTH on it.

                              All records need to have either the Medical Professional's (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, clinic)

                              signature or stamp next to the updated shot if it is handwritten. 

                              All records must be legible when emailing, faxing or hand delivering.  If there is a question about the date

                              (a 6 looking like a 0), the student will need to get their medical professional to provide a clearer copy of the 


                              ANY record that does not follow the above guidelines, the student will be required to resubmit records

                              with all the appropriate information.


Important Information

              If you are turning in an affidavit for vaccination exemption, you must hand deliver the ORIGINAL affidavit to

              Student Health or to our table in the Hold Removal Room.

                              State law requires we have the original in our possession.  We do keep them, if you ever need a copy.


                              If the record is dated 5 years prior to August 29th of the semester you are entering, you will need an

                              updated meningitis vaccination.

                                       I.E. If you are entering in the Fall of 2017, then anything before August 29, 2012 will not be accepted. 


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