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Student Health Services: New Students

Before Orientation

              Email a copy of your meningitis and MMRs records to us.

                            - If you are requesting records from a physician, have your physician fax it to us at (806) 743-2122.

              If you are 22 years of age or older, you are not required to have proof of the meningitis vaccination

              Make sure your R number is on all correspondents

              International students will need a tuberculosis screening in addition to MMRs and meningitis.

                            - It must be the blood drawn test, not the skin test.


At Orientation

              Bring a copy of your shot records if you did not turn them in early.

              Extensions will be given to students who are out-of-date on their meningitis vaccination or forgot their records.

                            - You will be able to register for classes.

              All questions about our services, pharmacy and what insurances are accepted will be answered at the resource fair.


After Orientation

              Keep a copy of your insurance with you at Tech

              Know the date of birth of the primary insurance holder.     

                            - If you have to pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for insurance, you will need to change it to our Medical                                     Director, Dr. James McDonald, before classes start.

                            - You can change your PCP as often as you like.

                             -  If you do not change the PCP before or at the time of your visit, you will be a self-pay patient. All fees will go                                   to your Student Business Service account.

              Make sure you have all your medications in order.

                            - You can transfer your medication to our pharmacy.


Important Information

              If you are turning in an affidavit for vaccination exemption, you must turn in the ORIGINAL affidavit to Student Health.

                            State law requires we have the original in our possession. We do keep them, if you ever need a copy. 


Helpful Tools

MMR Forms

International Tuberculosis Forms

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