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Strategic Plan : 2010


Student Health Services promotes each student success.


Student Health Services will be recognized by students and parents as an exemplary provider of comprehensive, cost-effective, and compassionate medical care and health education to students.


  • Mutual respect and high ethical standards;
  • Cooperation and communication;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Community service and leadership;
  • Pursuit of excellence;
  • Public accountability; and
  • Diversity.

Department Learning Outcome 1: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION

Writes and speaks coherently and effectively; Writes and speaks after reflection; Able to influence others through writing, speaking or artistic expression; Effectively articulates abstract ideas; Uses appropriate syntax; Makes presentations or gives performances.

Department Learning Outcome 2: HEALTHY BEHAVIOR

Chooses behaviors and environments that promote health and reduce risk; Articulates the relationship between health and wellness and accomplishing life-long goals; Exhibits behaviors that advance a healthy community.


Goal 1: Access and Diversity: Recruit, retain and graduate a larger, more academically prepared and more diverse student body.

  • Increase annually the number of patients served in correlation with increases in university enrollment.
  • Achieve a 4 or better rating in patient satisfaction in all areas measured.
  • Increase percentage of students who are covered by health insurance by 5% annually.

Objective 1.1: Effectively utilize available provider hours.

  • Conduct a non-user survey annually.
  • Conduct 10% of total enrollment through health education/public relations activities annually.
  • Provide marketing targeted to specific health and wellness issues.

Objective 1.2: Provide excellent customer service to each patient.

  • Develop infrastructure necessary for implementation of insurance billing in Fall 2011.
  • Implement on-line administration of American College Health Association patient satisfaction surveys to gain real-time information and benchmark with other university student health centers.

Objective 1.3: Offer comprehensive, cost-appropriate student health insurance.

  • Negotiate appropriate benefits for student population at lowest possible cost with dependable, customer-service focused vendor.
  • Increase student input in student health insurance committee activity.

Objective 1.4: Focus on provision of culturally-competent patient care and customer service.

  • Increase amount of information specific to international students on the Student Health Services web site.
  • Participate in orientation process of incoming international students.
  • Assist international students with immunization requirement compliance.
  • Conduct small group tours of Student Wellness Center facility and explanation of clinic process for incoming international students.

Goal 2: Human Resources and Infrastructure: Increase and use resources to recruit and retain quality staff and to support an optimal work environment.

  • Achieve 90% or better in all quality improvement/quality assurance assessments of compliance with accreditation standards and patient safety goals.

Objective 2.1: Improve quality of patient care and employee/patient safety through compliance with accreditation standards and patient safety goals.

  • Conduct regular audits of compliance with accreditation standards and safety goals and utilize audit results to guide performance improvement efforts in areas audited.
  • Provide staff education in a compliance focus-area monthly.

Objective 2.2: Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of patient care through the use of secure messaging and online scheduling.

  • Plan for incremental implementation of online scheduling and secure messaging working within financial limitations.


Goal 3: Undergraduate Teaching and Learning: Enhance the undergraduate, graduate and professional student learning experience by implementing nationally recognized standards in all departments, facilities, programs and services.

  • Effectiveness in verbal communication of health information in presentations delivered by Impact Tech peer health educators.

Objective 3.1: Develop and deliver training and development program for Impact Tech peer health educators based on best practices in health education.

  • Frequently assess peer educator's individual knowledge and progress throughout the training program.
  • Work with each peer educator to identify needs and develop plan for improvement.

Goal 4: Graduate and Professional Education: Enhance graduate and professional education opportunities.

  • Student Health Services will not report on Goal 4.

Goal 5: Engagement: Provide scholarly outreach opportunities that contribute to student learning and benefit our local and campus communities.

  • Achieve completion of AlcoholEdu® course by 95% of incoming first-year students.
  • Plan for expansion of delivery of AlcoholEdu® to all students entering Texas Tech, including transfer students, in Fall and Spring semesters
  • Implement six (6) clinic-based patient education activities each academic year.
  • Participation by 10% of total enrollment in health education activities.

Objective 5.1: Increase the number of students reached by relevant, timely health education programs based on best-practice guidelines.

  • Utilize Texas Tech-specific survey and clinical information to determine most relevant health and wellness issues to address.
  • Draw upon best practices and evaluations of previous activities to plan, market and implement health education activities.


Goal 6: Partnership: Build strategic partnerships and alliances with the local and campus community including K-12, community colleges and universities.

  • Increase number of partners to collaborate in delivery of patient care, educational programming and collection of data on the health behaviors of students.

Objective 6.1: Increase efforts to identify and include partners in activities of Student Health Services.

  • Identify and invite potential new partners for new and existing health education and patient care initiatives.
  • Identify and invite potential new partners for management of NCHA data collected in Spring 2008.

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