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Traveling Abroad

              It is always in the best interest for the student to visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website                     and see what they recommend for vaccinations; as well as, information about health in the visiting country. Look in                     the Helpful Tools section to see the list of specific countries Tech students travel to for a quick reference. 



              The countries listed below will need to fill out the Health History form and Travel Physical form and bring it to our                          clinic. These countries DO NOT require in-person physicals:

Australia                                  France                        Latvia                                   Portugal                    United Kingdom

Belgium                                   Germany                    Lithuania                             Romania

Cyprus                                     Greece                       Malta                                    Slovakia

Czech Republic                     Hungary                     Netherlands                       Slovenia

Denmark                                  Iceland                       New Zealand                     South Korea

Estonia                                     Italy                             Norway                               Spain

Finland                                     Japan                         Poland                                Switzerland


              The countries listed below will be required to make an appointments and have an in-person physical completed                          in the clinic or at another travel physical capable clinic. These countries DO require in-person physicals:

Argentina           Dominican Republic          Kenya                       Qatar               Thialand

Austria                Ecuador                                Korea (North)          Russia            Turks and Caicos

Belize                  Ethiopia                                Madagascar           Rwanda          Uganda

Bhutan                Fiji                                          Malaysia                 Samoa             United Arab Emirates

Bolivia                 Ghana                                  Mali                          Senegal           Vietnam

Cambodia          Global Cruise                      Mexico                    Serbia               Zimbabwe

Cameroon          Honduras                             Mongolia                Singapore

Chile                    Iceland                                 Morocco                  South Africa

China                   India                                     Nepal                       Sri Lanka

Colombia            Indonesia                            Nicaragua                Sweden

Costa Rica          Israel                                    Peru                         Taiwan

Croatia                Jordan                                  Puerto Rico            Tanzania



              It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your completed forms on you in case there is an issue or concern.

              Here is a list of vaccinations the CDC recommends ALL persons who are traveling abroad to either have                                       and/or update:

                            MMRs (2)                   Shingles

                            Tetanus                       Pneumococcal

                            Chickenpox                Meningococcal

                            Polio                            Hepatitis A

                            Flu                               Hepatitis B




              If you have a form from another organization (i.e. ISA or UT), you will need to bring that form along with your                                  completed Travel Physical to the clinic or to your in-person physical appointment.

                            If you need a copy of the form(s), please notify us at the time of drop off. We do not know what forms                                                 students are required to turn in for their specific program. It is the student’s responsibility to inform us of                                           what they need.


Due Dates


Spring 2017 Deadlines


Paper Study Abroad forms due December 14, 2016.

Travel Physical Appointments due December 22, 2016.


Summer/Fall 2017 Deadlines


Paper Study Abroad forms due April 15, 2017.

Travel Physical Appointments due April 20, 2017.



Outside Clinic

              The ONLY location other than our clinic who does Travel Physicals is the Express Care Clinic.

                            Located in the Mall.

                            Costs begins at $35 per visit.

                            Phone number: (806) 761-0450


                                          Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

                                          Sunday: Noon to 6:00 pm


Helpful Tools

              Health History for Study Abroad

              Travel Physical for Study Abroad

              Release of Information for Study Abroad

              Recommended Vaccinations

              List of Countires requiring Physicials

              Countries Texas Tech Students Travel To

              Study Abroad Reminders


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