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General Information

reports are in pdf or MS Word formats

Telemedicine Reimbursement Summary / October 2008

Medicare Payment of Telemedicine / January 2007

Telemedicine Report Archive

All reports are in pdf format.

Telemedicine Report Vol. 6 / No.1 January 2004

Telemedicine Report Vol. 5 / No.2  July 2003

Telemedicine Report Vol. 5 / No.1  January 2003

Telemedicine Report Vol. 4 / No.2  July 2002

Telemedicine Report Vol.4 / No.1  January 2002

Telemedicine Report Vol.3 / No.2  July 2001

Newspaper & Magazine Articles

All articles are in pdf format.

Say "Aaaah" to Telemed
from Progressive Farmer July 2000

The Long Hand of Healing
from Southern Living August 2000

Wide Open Spaces & Remote Access
from TTUHSC's Pulse Summer 2000

Powerpoint Presentations

Most of these files are large and may require long download times.

TACHC Conference October 2011 (9 mb)

TRHF Presentation (6 mb)

World Congress Power Point (4 mb)

Consult Forms

Telemedicine Consultation Consent Form (pdf)

Correctional Telemedicine Consent Form in English (pdf)

Correctional Telemedicine Consent Form in Spanish (pdf)

Video Stream

Chancellor's Check-Up June 2003