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December 1974 Medical Center Hospital in Odessa provides office space for developing a Texas Tech Regional Academic Health Center .

February 1978 TTU Board of Regents selects Odessa as a site for Regional Academic Health Center campus. Odessa citizens pledge $325,000 for start-up.

November 1981 City of Odessa and Ector County deed 6.1 acres of land adjacent to Medical Center Hospital to TTUHSC.

December 1981 Dr. William Wiesner appointed Interim Associate Dean for the Odessa campus.

June 1983 Dr. Richard Barry appointed first Associate Dean for the Odessa campus.

August 1983 TTU Board of Regents approves $2.5 million for Phase I construction.

October 1984 Groundbreaking ceremonies for the TTUHSC building at Odessa are held.

February 1985 Construction begins for TTUHSC at Odessa .

September 1985 First classes of the School of Nursing begin at TTUHSC at Odessa .

March 1986 Phase I of the building is completed. Faculty and staff move in. Grand Opening ceremonies held.

April 1986 Medical Center Hospital donates library to Texas Tech.

September 1987 Dr. Robert Carter is appointed Associate Dean for TTUHSC at Odessa .

December 1987 First telefacsimile link up with Alpine to the TTUHSC library.

September 1988 TTUHSC Board of Regents approves funding for Phase II (second floor) for TTUHSC at Odessa building.

April 1989 Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approves funding for Phase II (second floor construction) of TTUHSC at Odessa building.

December 1989 Construction begins on Phase II addition for second floor of TTUHSC at Odessa .

December 1990 Phase II addition is completed. Pediatrics, Ob/GYN, School of Nursing move to second floor. Library expands to second floor.

January 1991 Grand Opening of the second floor at TTUHSC is held.

May 1993 Medical Center Hospital agrees to fund the School of Allied Health for the first five years.

August 1994 Classes begin in occupational and physical therapy at TTUHSC at Odessa .

May 1995 Texas State Legislature and TTUHSC appropriate $3.78 million for freestanding, primary care clinic. Texas Tech Board of Regents approves clinic project.

September 1995 Surgical residency program begins.

June 1996 Ector County Hospital District Board of Trustees votes to fund $4 million in construction costs for the Texas Tech Ambulatory Health Center .

August 1996 John T. Montford appointed as Chancellor of Texas Tech University.

September 1996 MCH commits major funding for new clinic.

May 1997 Ground breaking ceremonies for the Texas Tech Ambulatory Health Center are held.

August 1997 School of Allied Health announces Physician Assistant program to be located on the Midland College campus.

September 1997 Cardiology residency program begins.

February 1998 Texas Tech announces a $300 million capital campaign to commemorate the institution's 75 th anniversary.

September 1998 Dr. Wayne J. Daum appointed as the new regional dean for the School of Medicine at TTUHSC in Odessa .

December 1998 Sharon Cannon, Ed.D. appointed as the regional dean for the School of Nursing at TTUHSC in Odessa .

January 1999 Robin Satterwhite appointed as the regional dean for the School of Allied Health at TTUHSC in Odessa .

June 1999 Physician Assistant program begins.

June 1999 Texas Tech Health Center hosts Grand Opening ceremonies as Texas Tech Health Center opens its doors.

August 1999 The first endowed chair for the School of Medicine regional dean is funded.

October 1999 Horizon Campaign for TTUHSC Permian Basin exceeds fundraising goal.

December 1999 Texas Tech Health Sciences Center celebrates 25 year anniversary of providing health care education in the Permian Basin .

May 2000 School of Allied Health moves into remodeled facilities on main campus.

October 2000 Reach Out and Read program launched by School of Nursing in the Permian Basin .

April 2001 Advisory Council provides $160,000 in program support funding for the Schools of Allied Health, Medicine, and Nursing.

July 2001 Physician Assistant Program's $3 million state-of-the art facility opens on the Midland College campus.

November 2001 Donald M. Loveman, M.D., appointed as the regional dean for the School of Medicine at TTUHSC in Odessa .

August 2007 Women's Health Research Institute is renamed the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health

July 2009 First class of third-year medical students arrives on the Permian Basin campus.

July 2009 First class of traditional undergraduate nursing students begin their studies on the Permian Basin campus

March 2010 Texas Tech Physicians of Midland opens