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November-December - Maintain, No Gain Challenge

Maintain, No Gain is a 6 week challenge over the holidays for faculty, staff and students on all campuses.  The goal of this challenge is to maintain your weight (+/- 2% ) or even lose weight throughout the holidays by focusing on weekly healthy tips and tricks.

Maintain no gain

To participate in this challenge, click on the links below and fill out the information for the appropriate week.

Week 1: Healthy holiday parties - handout

Week 2: Portion control - handout

Week 3: Holiday exercise (video HERE) - handout

Week 4: Holiday meal makeover - handout

Week 5: Healthy holiday lunches and snacks - handout

Week 6: Dining out during the holidays - handout


Click HERE for a log to help track your food and physical activity log.

Click HERE for healthy holiday recipes