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The West Texas Cancer Survivors Network-Phase 2 (WTCSN-2) is a partnership between Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Department of Family and Community Medicine & The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). WTCSN-2 is an initiative to enroll cancer survivors in a network to provide cancer nutrition information, enhance quality of life, and encourage healthy habits for cancer survivors in west Texas. West Texas Cancer Survivors Network -2 and community partners are dedicated to providing cancer nutrition information to cancer patients and the citizens of Texas. The purpose of this website is to increase knowledge about cancer, nutrition, & survivorship to cancer survivors and others.

Our mission is connecting cancer survivors for better health!

WTCSN-2 is funded by CPRIT.  Website editorial content is not influenced by CPRIT, no conflict of interest exists, and no commercial advertising is permitted.

Information provided on this site  is meant to complement and not to replace any advice or information from a health professional.

Kathy Chauncey, PhD, RDN, Director
Barbara Pence, PhD, Co-Director
Janet Basom, RDN, Associate Director

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  • What's New!!

    West Texas Cancer Survivors Network - Phase 2

    West Texas Cancer Survivors Network is back!

    This announcement is being sent to those of you who have been with us as members of the West Texas Cancer Survivors Network (WTCSN), some since we began in the fall of 2010. Since that time we continued the project, funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institution of Texas (CPRIT), until its ending date in August 2012.

    WTCSN provided many supportive resources and a lot of exciting news about cancer survivorship on our website and in our patient and professional newsletters. The renewal application for WTCSN-2 was on hold during a moratorium placed on CPRIT by the Texas state leadership. WTCSN-2 was renewed for three more years starting December 1, 2013.

  • What's New!! (con't)

    This will allow us to provide more education, resources and opportunities for pilot studies in healthy eating and increasing physical activity to not only our current survivors, but to also expand the services area to the 108 counties in West Texas that are served by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

    We are very excited to provide these new opportunities to reach all of the cancer survivors in West Texas, thanks to the continued funding from CPRIT and support from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

    We are glad to be back!

    Kathy Chauncey, PhD, RDN, Director
    Barbara Pence, PhD, Co-Director
    Janet Basom, RDN, Associate Director

  • WTCSN-Phase 2 News

    NIH Clinical Research Trials

    One of our partners, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Workplace Overall Wellness Program (WOW), in order to educate employees about Clinical Research Participation, has posted the National Cancer Institute brochure Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies on TTUHSC WOW intranet or have made hard copies available to employees.

    TTUHSC employees are made aware of web-based information about clinical trials participation, such as NIH Clinical Research Trials and You.

    WTCSN wants our cancer survivors’ network and the public to be aware of Clinical Research Trial Participation.

    Why NIH Clinical Research Matters


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