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General Cancer Resources


The Internet resources that are listed on this page have been selected because they contain useful information. For the most part the information is in the mainstream of science.

Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) -  Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in 2007 establishing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and authorizing the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services in Texas.  CPRIT’s goal is to expedite innovation and commercialization in the area of cancer research and to enhance access to evidence-based prevention programs and services throughout the state.  CPRIT accepts applications and awards grants for a wide variety of cancer-related research and for the delivery of cancer prevention programs and services by public and private entities located in Texas.  More information about CPRIT is available at its website, www.cprit.state.tx.us
N-SIGHTS newsletter is funded by a grant from CPRIT

Texas Cancer Information - An internet gateway to cancer-related information, resources, and publications.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) - The National Cancer Institute coordinates the National Cancer Program, which conducts and supports research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs with respect to the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer, rehabilitation from cancer, and the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) - NOCC is the leading ovarian cancer public information and education organization in the United States and maintains the most comprehensive website for ovarian cancer support in the world.

Texas Department of Health - The Department of State Health Services promotes optimal health for individuals and communities while providing effective health, mental health and substance abuse services to Texans.

United States Food and Drug Administration - Nutrition Information - We are a team of 9,000 dedicated public health employees that includes physicians, nurses, consumer safety officers, lawyers, and scientists, with specialties ranging from biomaterials engineering to pharmacology. Decisions made by FDA affect every American every day.

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