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N'Sights Patient Newsletter Table of Contents - 2015

**  Recommendations for Cancer Prevention

V-16 N-4 December 2015 Christmas Makes a Difference by Dr. Billy U. Philips, Jr.
  Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors
  ACCION - Against Cancer in Our Neighborhoods by Liesl E. Wyett, MPA
  Recipe:  Eggs in Pergatorio Make a Merry Holiday Meal
V-16 N-3 November 2015 WHO Report on Meat and Cancer
  Feature Article: Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors
  Recipe:  No-Knead Rustic Bread with Fruit & Nuts and Cranberry Apple Salsa
V-16 N-2 October 2015 The View from Here: "Fill it to the Brim" by Billy Philips, Jr.
  Feature Article: Nutrition and Diet in Cancer Survivors
  American Institute for Cancer Prevention Guidelines
  Recipe:  Chicken with Spinach & Apple
V-16 N-1 September 2015 Cancer: A Frequently Preventalbe Cause of Illness and Death
By Steve Farrell, PhD  FACSM Science Officer The Cooper Institute
  Recipe:  Apple Salad with Cherries, Cranberries & Walnuts
V-15 N-11 July 2015 Who is a Cancer Survivor? by WTCSN Staff
  Feature Article: What is a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan?
  Recipe: Avocado and Zucchini Summer Soup with Cucumber Salsa
V-15 N-9 May 2015 My Survivorship Story by Tyra Carmichael, MS, RN
  Feature Article: Cancer Survivors- We are Looking for You! WTCSN Update by Janet Basom, RDN
  "What Does It Mean to Live with Cancer" by Billy Philips, PhD Founder of CNNT
  Recipe: Asian Lettuce Wraps with Red Pepper, Edamame and Chicken by Alice Bender AICR May 18, 2015
V-15 N-6 February 2015 HPV and Multiple Cancers - Barbara C. Pence, PhD, Co-Director WTCSN-2
  Feature Article: Cancer Survivors - We are Looking for you!
  Dealing with “Preventing Head & Neck Cancers"
  Eating Hints: Nutritution 911

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