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Fall 2016 I-1 V-13 A Summation of the Main Work Accomplished During Phase 2 of the West Texas Cancer Survivors Network (December 1, 2014 through November 30, 2016)
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Summer 2016 I-4 V-12 What is the Evidence Base for Diet, Physical Activity and Weight Control for Cancer Survivors?
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Spring 2016 I-3 V-12 Soy Update for Cancer Survivors
By Barbara Pence, PhD, WTCSN Co-Director
Winter 2016 I-2 V-12 Do Cancer Survivors Improve Their Diet Quality After a Diagnosis of Cancer?
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Fall 2015 I-1 V-12 Nutrition and Diet in Cancer Survivors
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Summer 2015 I-4 V-11 Quality of Life (QoL) in Cancer Survivors
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Winter 2015 I-2 V-11 HPV and Multiple Cancers
By Barbara Pence, PhD
Fall 2014 I-1 V-11 Six Things that Primary Care Providers and Nurses Should Know about Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors
By Deborah Vollmer Dahlke, Dr. PHd
Summer 2014 I-4 V-10 Cancer Survivors’ Compliance with Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines
By Barbara Pence, PhD, Co-Director WTCSN-2
Spring 2014 I-3 V-10 Survivorship Care Plans: an UPDATE
Summer 2012 I-4 V-9 Nutrition and Physical Activity Advice for Cancer Survivors
Spring 2012 I-3 V-9 Cancer Survivorship Care Plans: An Update
Winter 2012 I-2 V-9 Educational Needs of Older Cancer Survivors
  Weight Loss in Rural Breast Cancer Survivors
Fall 2011 I-1 V-9 Physical Activity Among Cancer Survivors
  Obesity and Breast Cancer in Ethnically Diverse Postmenopausal Women
Summer 2011 I-4 V-8 Use of the Internet by Cancer Survivors for Health- Related Information
  Physical Activity and Prostate Cancer Progression
Spring 2011 I-3 V-8 Quality of Life (QOL) Among Latina Breast Cancer Patients
  Cancer Prevention Guidelines Reduce Cancer, CV and Mortality
Winter 2010 I-2 V-8 Exercise & Cancer Related Fatigue
  Physical Activity & diet in Colon cancer Recurrence & Survival
Fall 2010 I-1 V-8 Cancer - A Family Caregiver Affair
  A Closer Look at Cancer Survivorship & Co-Survivorship
Summer 2010 I-4 V-7 Adult Cancer Survivorship: Part III (note part 3 of 3 part series)
  Selenium Supplements not Effective Against Lung Cancer Recurrence
Spring 2010 I-3 V-7 Adult Cancer Survivorship: Part II (note: part 2 of 3 part series)
  Multivitamins and Risk for Breast Cancer
Winter 2009 I-2 V-7 Adult Cancer Survivorship: Part 1 (note: part 1 of 3 part series)
  Acupressure and Acupuncture for Side Effects of Radiotherapy
Fall 2009 I-1 V-7 Exercise to Prevent Colon Cancer Recurrence: a New Randomized Clinical Trial
  Long-Term and recent Physical Activity and Survival After Breast Cancer: The California Teacher's Study
Summer 2009 I-4 V-6 Endocrine Effects of Anticancer Therapy
  Can Too Much Vitamin D Be Harmful?
Spring 2009 I-3 V-6 Strength Training Can Help Lymphedema
  Scientists Address Lingering Questions on Dietary Supplements & Cancer Risk

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