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N'Sights Newsletter Survey

Please tell us which newsletter(s) you are evaluating:

1. The N-Sights Newsletter:

  - provides me with current cancer nutritional information, (check one)

  - is a useful educational tool, (check one)

  - is easy to access, (check one)

  - provides me with information I have shared with patients and /or caregivers, (check one)

2. Have you shared information about or copies of the N-Sights Newsletter with others?

3. Rate the following statement according to your opinion of the N-Sights Newsletter:

  "I am better informed on issues relating to cancer and nutrition because of reading the N-Sights Newsletter." (check one)

4. What do you find most useful in the N-Sights Newsletter? (check all that apply)


5. What would you change to improve the N-Sights Newsletter?


6. Has the N-Sights Newsletter prompted you to visit the WTCSN website at www.ttuhsc.edu/wtcsn/?

7. Did you find the CNNT website information beneficial?


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