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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Playbook
Billing Monitoring Handbook 2012
Please print the appropriate appendix for monitoring purposes. Use the “Print Page” option when printing. Also note, the table of contents has imbedded internal hyperlinks for your convenience, in the left-hand  and  right-hand columns. The handbook also has imbedded internal hyperlinks and external hyperlinks for a more user-friendly on-line handbook.

"Incident To" Table of Requirements                          NP/PA Comparison Chart (11/11/08)
2011 CPT: Presentation
Medicaid Client Acknowledgment Statement
- English Version

Medicaid Client Acknowledgment Statement
- Spanish Version

AAPC Webinars are provided at each TTUHSC Campus and are available as a resource for you.  Anyone can attend these Live webinars and receive 1 CEU or if you become a TTUHSC corporate member you can get access to these webinars On-Demand through the AAPC website and receive an additional CEU as you can take a post-quiz on the attended webinar. 

Webinar handouts will be linked to each course title when available, just click on a title to open and print each handout or Q&A from one of the many titles of webinars provided.

If you or one of your employees would benefit from these continuing education and update coding resources, please contact your department administrator or your campus Billing Compliance Director to find out more.

Upcoming Webinar Events:

04/23/14 - "Understand the What & Why's of ABN's"
04/30/14 - "Infusion Confusion"
05/07/14 - Modifier 25 - In Depth Analysis and Best Practice
05/14/14 - ICD-10 Specialty - Mental/Behavior
5/21/14 - Jet Set Your Revenue Cycle Management
5/28/14 - How to Assign Billing Office Duties to Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness



Previous Webinar Events:

"ICD-10 Specialty - OB/GYN" and Live Q&A
"Endoscopy"& Live Q&A
"Urinary Diagnostic Radiology and Intervention" 
"HIPAA - Avoiding Substantial Penalties Following a Breach" & Live Q&A
"ICD-10 Specialty - Orthopedics" & Live Q&A
"Developing a Compliance Plan for your Practice you can be Comfortable With" & Live Q&A
"Diabetes Didactics" & Live Q&A
"ICD-10 Specialty - Family Practice"
"HCC and Risk Adjustment" & Live Q&A


Want more internal resources?  Choose General or HIPAA for more.

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