Center for Women's Health
The TTUHSC School of Medicine Center for Women's Health and Gender-Based Medicine is a clinical, educational, and research entity.


  • Assessment of physical, mental, sexual, emotional, spiritual and social health.
  • Specialty services focused on women and their life transitions.
  • Consideration of  the uniqueness of each patient.
  • Highest quality patient care with treatment based on the latest peer-reviewed research, publications, and expert guidelines.


"Spreading the word" about patient-centered, whole-person, gender-based evaluation and treatment is key at the Center. Our practitioners believe that education empowers the doctors of today and tomorrow, as well as the community.

  • Lectures to care providers in the community.
  • Texas Tech Medical Resident lectures.
  • Medical Student continuity clinic participation.
  • Women's Health Resident training.
  • Women's Health Fellowship training.
  • Educational programs to local businesses and groups.

Gender-Based Medicine is based on the recognition that women and men experience health and disease differently. This new perspective is transforming the way disease is prevented and treated. The practitioners in the Center apply gender-based scientific evidence when choosing treatment and prevention options for women.


  • Wellness assessment
  • Sexual health
  • Perioperative risk assessment
  • Cardiovascular risk profile and prevention
  • Menopause transition
  • Hormone midlife management therapy
  • Osteoporosis and treatments including Bisphosphonate alternatives
  • Complementary medicine safety and efficacy
  • Vulvar diseases
  • Well woman exams
  • Breast cancer risk assessment